What I think Halo 6 needs.

I have a list of what I think Halo 6 needs.
. The Falcon/Hornet. Seriously how can there be a banshee and a phaeton, but humans too stupid to come up with one to combat this? Sure we got pelicans, but can we fly them? No.
. NO or little REQ SYSTEM. That should be enough to already explain it!
. New armor? Sure why not. Of course there’s gotta be new armor.
. A fair way to get armor. Really? REQs the only way to get armor? BS sure we can get armor from MCC but is that enough? No.
. A more hostile ground towards noobs. Halo 5 and 4 ( Halo 4 had bullets with tracking to make noobs feel like their good) was already a catastrophe so lets not have another one!
. A better storyline
. Less plot holes
. A basic and advance forge settings so that it would be easier to get the hang of it.
. Specific forge objects. (Man, alien, or forerunner) I don’t see any variants in Halo 5 forge.
. Challenges. Where did they go? They are not found in Halo5. We need daily/weekly challenges.
. Better character development.
. An equal share of missions between two teams.
So far thats all I can think of what 343I should do in Halo 6 atleast.

how about you revisit some of these and make constructive opinions? Saying things like “better character development” is no help whatsoever. How about “introduce more backstory to the characters and make them reveal more emotion throughout the story”. “a better storyline” “less plot holes” “we need challenges” <-lets start there. there are a some good points here, but there are also some non-constructive things here as well

(p.s. please explain how halo 4 had tracking bullets)

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> (p.s. please explain how halo 4 had tracking bullets)

Halo 4 had bullets that would track towards the enemy spartan. I couldn’t find the original video but I found something similar. The original video explains that if you shoot and miss your target by a little bit, it will still hit them even though you should have missed. - YouTube