What I saw from the Achievements list.

Well I saw that you get an achievement from getting your spartan IV to SR-20 is 30 gamer points. Which makes me believe that it will be somewhat difficult to increase your SR. So this makes me excited that it will be somewhat difficult to get to 50.
Post your thoughts below.

I doubt it will be all to difficult, just a reward for playing.

Kind of like “An Honor Serving” from Reach, all you had to do for it was achieve Captain and it was worth 25GS.

I’m still confused about Specialization leveling up with the ranks. I’ll find out eventually. Anyway, I think you can rank up by what you do instead participating in a game. I rather have this kind of system where you have to work for it. I like feeling rewarded by my works! And I would love it if the ranks profides a plenty amount of time to work on.

I think all of the achievements are going to be pretty easy to get. Getting to SR-5 and SR-20 will be like getting UNSC Spartan and UNSC Officer from Halo 3. It may take a little bit longer depending on how much experience you get from each individual game, but it’s the same concept of just playing.

Yeah, I doubt it is “difficult”, all it will take is most likely time and dedication, not “skill” per se. Something to encourage people to keep playing, while at the same time allowing anyone and everyone to get it, unlike achievements like 2 for 1 that required time, dedication, luck and skill ^^