What I realised about Infinite. Maybe it will help one of you

For the first month or two I thought Halo Infinite had a great gameplay loop; a true return to form. I’ve noticed now that the “honey-moon” phase is well and truly over I can’t play this game for even a few minutes without getting frustrated with how it plays, even when eveything is actually working (which as many of you know is rare). I decided to go back to MCC and have a game of Halo 3 and found myself having loads of fun right away. I also had the same experience with Halo 2 and even CE. I have realised that Infinite isn’t a return to form, it’s simply the closest a 343 product has been to being a “true” Halo game, and I let that decieve me into thinking it was a good Halo game. It’s in the light of this realisation that I’ll be sticking with the classics; a place where I am not only allowed to have fun, but am ENCOURAGED to have fun.

If you’re feeling frustated and disappointed with Halo Infinite, the OG’s will always be there for you. They’re like that cosy arm chair by the fire place on a snowy winter night. Or like the warmth and comfort of a hug. They’re like home.


The same thing occurred to me. Sparing entirely the “under the hood” issues Infinite has, it’s got a host of other issues. These show a clear lack of understanding of how Halo is played, and what has made it such a phenomenon.

For me personally, I think Halos sprint/slide/clamber mechanics are certainly less invasive, but in the end, I still grow tired of how they make the game play. People are constantly sprint-slide-jumping everywhere. From a purely aesthetic point of view, it’s annoying to look at. From a function and gameplay point of view, I feel it adds nothing. If anything, it makes it feel like any other current game on the market. If I wanted to shoot the guy sliding around the corner, I could do that in literally any other modern shooter.

Halo used to set itself apart through exceptional design, pushing the envelope, and building on what has come before.

343 has made it very clear, they want to take Halo, add modern shooter mechanics to make it as comfortable a transition as possible, and then chase any popular trend. Their hope being that a simple adding of “halo flavor” will bring in a whole slew in the “broader audience” while appeasing veterans and classic fans enough to either keep them quiet, or be passable enough to encourage spending more money on their product.

We’re they to make a well made Halo game, fully in the classic vein, with good maps, polish, and a decent stream of content, I am confident it would do more than very well, and hold a significant portion of its population.


MCC over the years has turned into something really special. Yes, there are still the odd issues persisting here and there with poor campaign optimization or just generalized jank. But overall, MCC is the way to replay the best Halo games.

I’ve certainly fallen back on it during the drought of Infinite content encountered upon completing the S1 Battle Pass.


And 343i gets your money either way, win win for them.


Yeah last week I played MCC for the first time since Infinite launched. Then I got back on Infinite a few hours later and it instantly felt worse. The movement, aiming, weapons…everything. It’s truly amazing how badly 343 screwed up the formula when it was right there to copy.


I love Halo Infinite’s gameplay loop.

I just need to get better at sliding. I can’t time the curb slide to save my life (like, literally).


I’ve played enough CE-Reach for a lifetime.


It took you this long to realize how off things feel?

Personally, I can’t stand how infinite plays, and it’s not just only that. The sound effects and visual effects make it even worse. Then there is the lame loading screen that is set up the CoD and maps that are designed as if I’m playing CoD.

Because of infinites poorly designed maps collusion was removed and the maps were based off the dumb BP. I don’t even know how the hell anyone can enjoy such a poorly designed game and think “this is Halo”.

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After you went back to H2/3, what made you realize Infinite was not what you were looking for?

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It’s hard to say, really. Aiming felt better, map design is very good (for the most part, some of the old maps are a bit rough to play lol), physics felt good, sound design and art style is amazing, customisation looked great (again for the most part; some of the newer additions don’t work for me but the old stuff I like for the most part). It’s not that Infinite is lacking all of those things, but those things Infinite shares with the older games feels kinda washed out, if that makes sense? Like they are sorta there but they’ve also been merged with more modern trends and design which leaves the game feeling like it’s halfway to a Halo game? I dunno, it’s hard for me to articulate it.

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I remember how jarring Infinite’s aiming system felt when I first played it. I was used to MCC and Apex which have really good feeling aiming in my opinion so I really did not like Infinite’s. Fast forward to now, I have customized it to the point I can aim fine now and I’m used to it, but that’s not to say it is good lol I really don’t know why they couldn’t have just used MCC’s system, it works completely fine. Just another example of 343i changing something for the sake of change even if that change is a downgrade.

I’m actually on the opposite spectrum to you in why I left Infinite. I really liked H5’s gameplay (ranked settings), so Infinite feels too slow for me. In result of that and it’s other obvious many issues, I have gone back to Apex as my main game. It just feels so much better.

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Those days are long gone my friend.

Why pay for an extensive QA when you can call it early access and charge $10 more.
Why spend X amount of years making a complete product when you can release a half finished mess in half the time and probably half the cost.
Why include all the maps when you can sell them as extras a few months after launch.
Why allow a player to customise their avatar for free when people are happy to pay for blue.

This isn’t exclusive to 343 either, its just the way it is now. I find it extremely hard to get hyped for games now, all the big budget stuff is focus group tested and primed to bring in as many dollars as possible regardless of its state at release.

We all need to start voting with our wallets… game releases in 2021 but wont be functional until 2024? That’s fine… Ill buy it on sale when it works. You want 10 dollars for the 7th shade of grey? Nah im good thanks.

The execs don’t care if you make an angsty post on the internet, they are too busy counting cash to read it anyway. Hell even community managers are putting in the absolute bare minimum… last post by @Unyshek was over a month ago, @ske7ch hasn’t even visited the forum since January 22nd.

Welcome to gaming in 2022.

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After reaching level 100 in BP I think the game died, I also think this is why so many quit playing. It also has been a worse experience for each month, getting more and more desync matches due to lack of players in my region.
Im taking a break for season 2, will se if it gets any better then. But I dont think that Halo I will be as good as it was in beforce removing geofilter.

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Oh, I’m 100% with you on all of that. I suppose I’m “preaching to the converted” as they say. The thing that kills me, is that Halo was such a huge part of my life with friends for so many years.

Even now I’m planning for a large LAN party for my friends and I. I’m gonna try to get it running in MCC for logistical reasons. Halo Infinite has nothing to offer my friends and I that past Halo games didn’t do better.

I want new experiences, but I want them to feel like a natural progression, and more so to not feel like everything else currently in vogue.

I’m (and others like me) are not worth their time though these days.


I want to go back to MCC but…

…Have they balanced the inputs yet, or are mnk players still just target practice for controller users?

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Controller players are still pretty bad, but seeing as MCC doesn’t have the aiming problems for MnK players like Infinite does it’s a considerably better experience