What i like to see added into Halo 4!

Okay, Halo 4 is been out for quite some time now, i know 343 is trying thier hardest to still set up the game. Things I would really like in multiplayer:

-Alpha Zombies! Bring back the original ALpha zombies form Halo: Reach and make it cooperate with the Flood Playlist! 1 shot to the head etc, also reduce the thruster blast a bit!

-Objecive in Big Team Battle! I miss BTB in Reach where we had 8v8 Capture the Flag, king of the hill etc. I really miss having objective on the game!

-Team Snipers! I remeber TS wa son Halo 4 for a couple weeks i believe, that playlist really needs to be brought back! idk how i could live without it!

-Multi-Team/ 2v2!

-Make a Grifball playlist! Use 343 made maps, also get community maps for Grifball on there!


Idk if this is possible, but if 343 could release a big update (game update), please…please…bring back armor effects. The Community will go insane!!

-Also, you know in Halo 3, Recon was the coolest helmet and in Reach, Haunted Helmet was the coolest helmet. In Halo 4…WHERE IS THE AWESOME HELMET everyone wants? Maybe add some new helmets in the game, maybe give a HARD challenge in order to obtain them etc.

-New Specializations

-Higher rank? the max is 130 i believe, maybe crank it up to 150? This game will be around for a long time now!

—Thank you, i appreciate it if you take some of my ideas in affect! GT: Its Pana