What I Hope Comes Out Of Tactical Ops

Behemoth, because its AWFUL to play on there in Tactical Slayer.

I’ve been saying it, others have been saying it, 343 already admitted to how terrible it was for Ranked CTF, and I hope the same happens here for Tactical Slayer.

Its too damn open for a one-shot headshot game mode and with having the chance to play Sidekicks and Manglers on that map, its downright abysmal to play. Anytime I see I’m about to play Tactical Slayer on Behemoth, I immediately quit the matchmaking and restart it. Its just so tiring to just suddenly get shot from across the map or the back of your head because enemies are spawning there or, on the other side of the coin, instantly getting shot and killed when you spawn in cause enemies have such clear lines and such precision weapons.

Launch Site, though its another big map, has plenty of cover and nooks and crannies to hide and navigate through. I actually like playing Tactical Slayer on Launch Site. But Behemoth? Like I said, I’ve come to dread it so much that if I see it or find myself in a game with it, I quit.

Fiesta, regular Quick Match with AR Starts, Ranked Slayer, I think those modes are where Behemoth is at least okay. But Ranked CTF and Tactical Slayer? That map was always the bane of those two modes in particular. One down, would like to see the other by the end of this event as well.