What I don't like about firefight

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that they are bringing firefight back but I have a few major issues with firefight that I think need to be looked at closely:

1: Why is there heavy competition in a game mode designed to be a team effort?
This makes no sense to add heavy competition in a game that is about using teamwork to defeat waves of enemies and bosses. 343 goes to the point where they show the “winner” of the firefight match. Excuse me, but everyone should win, not one person because this one specific person manages to kill more, get more points, or what not. I don’t feel like a winner when after a match there is only one true “winner” of a match among the team.

2: Said competition causes rewards to not be very balanced among the team.
Because of said competition I stated above, the rewards for the team’s efforts is on average about 2,000 or so REQ points except for that one “winner” who, according to other people including my friends, get way more REQ points? How is that fair in a game about being a team? It isn’t and it would promote the exact opposite behavior of working as a team! Everyone should get the same amount of REQ points at the end of a Firefight match regardless of performance especially if the group made an actual team effort.

3: From what I see the maps that will be used are the exact same as those in Warzone matches. Very unoriginal…
This in my opinion is the definition of being a lazy potato. In Halo Reach there was special maps that were used only for firefight. The beta uses an exact replica of Escape from A.R.C, which is sort of a large map for firefight considering you can spawn so far away from the action when you die. When actual firefight comes out I would like to see actual maps dedicated (and properly sized) for firefight instead of recycling the same maps we already have for a different purpose.

4: Being able to jack vehicles causes problems when said vehicles are the targets for the round.
For example, one round involved Phaetons as the primary targets. What do some of the people do? EMP it with a plasma pistol to jack it of course. This wouldn’t be a problem if said Phaetons jacked still had to be destroyed regardless. When I played a round very similar to this example, the last vehicle was piloted by a teammate and he was too stupid to simply get out of it and blow it up and instead stays on it to cause a delay in the game (could be used as a tactic to troll players as well). My solution to this would be to either mark jacked vehicles as “destroyed or eliminated” when a player (or no one for that matter) is piloting them or to not make target vehicles be able toget taken period.

Because this is a beta, I can’t complain about other aspects like whether or not there will be custom firefight but who knows? (though I will be heavily disappointed if there isn’t). As for these 4 issues I think 343 needs to address and fix them before they plan to release the full version.

Sorry to be that guy after you typed so much but please keep this in the feedback megathread

I “win” all my ff matches and still get 2k so I dont know what your friends are on.

Even last place deserves a ribbon right?