What hoppers should Ricochet be in?

I have to say I love the gametype. Myself I feel like it has potential to really be a standard gametype for the rest of the franchise.

I’d like to see Throwdown use it. They could really create a sick competitive balanced variant. I’d like to see it in the the team objective list a lot too. And lastly, Grifball needs to use this to the max.

So, do you guys think it should just be its own hopper? Do you think it would work in BTB skirmish? Are you indifferent to it?

I heard it’s getting its own playlist

Its own playlist eh. Thats okay, I know I’d play it. But I’d rather see it spread amongst more hoppers. I really feel like Throwdown could do something really solid with it. Personally I never liked how H4 tries to segregate each gametype into its own playlist.

> I heard it’s getting its own playlist

Its only a temp though. The gametype should be in a newly formed Team Objective playlist.

Mini Ricochet in Action Sack? :stuck_out_tongue:

My vote goes for it getting its own hopper, and being mixed in other hopper(s).

My fam and I love the gametype. We can’t stop playing it.

> And lastly, Grifball needs to use this to the max.

Actually, we have modified it to suit our purposes however Ricochet itself as intended (i.e. with guns) does not belong in the Grifball playlist at all.

Big Team Skirmish. Valhalla, goals in lower level of each base. Either use Slayer Pro loadouts or limited standard ones e.g.:

Offense: BR / Pistol / 2 frags / mobility / dexterity

Defense: BR / Pistol / 2 plasmas / mobility / dexterity

Goalie: Hammer / Pistol / 2 pulse / mobility / dexterity

Vehicles limited to one chaingun hog and two mongeese per team. Binary rifles removed from random ordnance and replaced with concussion rifles.

The idea is to make this a very fast-paced game with lots of fast vehicle action and lots of turnovers, limiting reliance on camping and power weapons/vehicles.

Someone better than me in Forge, or perhaps 343, needs to make this happen!

I Want To See Team Objective Making A Come Back With Ricochet In The Mix.

Team objective with this in it would be killer but it’d be cool to see in Team Throw-down(maybe folks would play that), and I cant even think what else It would land in.