what helmet do you want in halo 4

what helmet do you want in halo 4. i know which one i want and it is in already in halo 4. the scout helmet

Hmm… I would say from 3… I guess Hayabusa. No, I was not one of those annoying Hayabusa noobs, I just liked it. Want it a bit different though. My two favorite helmets that are my favorite so far excluding the pre-order ones, are Scout and Soldier. Soldier is bad -Yoink- and Scout is stealthy.


Welp, with Orbital in the mix I’m perfectly happy.

If any other I’d like to see EOD stay as a staple helmet.

I personally do not care, what they come up with will be fine, weather its new, or remakes of old stuff, but I wanna see more new so I can test myself to making a 100% original spartan like I tried to do in reach and H3. I don’t want my spartan to look the same through every game, I want my spartan to evolve with the game.

Mark V and ODST.

Mark 6.

Of the ones in the game, I really like Orbital. I’d really like to see EVA (Emile's Helmet) come back. I've used that helmet since I was able to buy it. I just think it looks awesome.

Scout helmet form Halo 3… but it’s already in so I am pleased to see my favorite helmet return.

i have used the CQB helm since halo 3 so I’d love the chance to use it or some new variant of it!

I would like master cheifs helmet in halo 4,Hayabusa, and rogue from halo 3. I like master cheifs helmet. I like hayabusa armor alot although i havent worn it since i started playing online. And i am wearing rouge helmet because its beast.

Yeah Hayabusa was awesome, but seriously, what the hell was up with that? Talk about the weirdest collaboration ever.

Hayabusa, as I very much like stuff themed of Feudal Japan. And then there is the GRD helmet, just for the heck of it.

I’ve grown fond of the Air Assault. But we’ll have to see what is available in game.

I think I’d like Reach Security, or ODST.

The Soldier or Warrior helmets, those look good in my book.

Mark six from Reach.