What have you got in some Req packs?

It is super hard to find any damn visor in a req pack…

honestly opened 7 gold req packs and 5 silver rea packs and yet to get any visors or anything legendary?

so far all I’ve gotten is uncommon and common stuff and like 2 rare armor… and one rare helmet seriously watching YouTube videos everyone’s getting visors and sick helmets I’m like wtf.

My -Yoink!- Midnight visor to complete my armor on day one.

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> My -Yoink!- Midnight visor to complete my armor on day one.

I want a all purple visor that’s it. Honesty just rocking the skrills armor because it the only decent armor I have so far.

Also anyone know how to get certain helmets? Or is it just campaign and req?

Longshot BR with energy bayonet

a green visor, multiple armors and helmets. I kind of hope I start getting some hydras soon, the hydra is my favorite weapon and i’d like to get it. Same with the DMR, I prefer the DMR over the BR in most cases.

Yellow visor and a sick assassination are the best things I’ve gotten so far.