What have I missed.

I haven’t been playing Halo 4 for the better part of 8 months.

What all have I missed?

Team DLC and Heavies playlists are the only good things IMO that come to mind.

Squad DLC and Extraction are coming up soon though.

Action Sack got some new gametypes, which are… Um… Would only fit in Action Sack. Husky Raid = super chaotic CTF game and… Ya know, it’s all in the War Games Feedback thread ^^
I find it fun, but it can be terribly annoying at times.

Apparently “the better part of 8 months” means “exactly one day less than 10 months.”

On Topic: You missed Ricochet, go play Ricochet.

Haha I thought about going to look at what my exact time away had been but I didn’t. I honestly can’t believe that much time went by.

Thanks for catching me up!