What Have I Missed?

Hello Halo fans.

So, I’ve been all but dead to the world of halo a month or so after the release of halo 4.
playing only “Sins of the prophets” mod on PC halo related.

kind of sad =(
having always loved the halo universe and still do.

Sooo, having popped on here for the first time o.O (used to use halo waypoint on 360)
What have I missed in the halo Universe since? is the Universe and the fan base still going? is halo still as awesome as it ever was?
is 343 doing halo justice after bungie left? (OH THE PAIN!!!)

Of course it’s still going well, with a few ups and downs.

We had The Master Chief Collection released on XB1 last November. Great job was done with Halo 2 Anniversary on it. Multiplayer kinda sucked for the first few months but it’s doing a lot better now, I don’t really play it that much because players on the matchmaking there are like, WAY too to serious and competitive. I like a little competition but if it becomes too far then it’s no fun for anyone.

Halo 5 Guardians this fall, I think 343i is doing a decent job. But I can’t forgive them for throwing in my favourite character in Halo 4 and trying to get rid of him in Escalation afterwards. Unacceptable.

> 2533274833728320;1:
> playing only “Sins of the prophets” mod on PC halo related.

Hehe. Thanks for playing the mod.