What has happened to proper BTB maps?

I miss the old BTB maps of the earlier halos; great sprawling affairs where warthogs were not limited to one narrow and risky path, where tank fought banshee and pushing into the enemy half of the map was a good idea.

They seem to have been replaced by these tiny little things where vehicles are limited to one or two tiny paths and pushing up the map only results in the enemy spawning behind you.

Sadly BTB isn’t feeling like BTB any more… it just feels like Team Slayer with more people. The new map (antifreeze?) is TINY and feels like 16 people have been dropped on an 8 player map. Where are the avalanche/sandtrap/blood gulch style epic maps? Why are they all so blooming small?

Okay Basin and Deadlock would be pretty good if the spawning was fixed, but by the standards of all the other halos (including Reach and 4) they would be considered small BTB maps (Standoff was 6v6 IIRC). I’m sure the other two are both even smaller than that.

I’m sure I’m not the only one longing for some proper vehicle maps. I really hoped for better :’(