What has happened to halo?

Halo has been a franchise that i grew up with since my childhood and it is still today, but what has happened to halo? It doesn’t feel the same anymore. Dont get me wrong, i love halo 5, but for some reason, its just not the same and not that popular anymore. Halo youtube videos dont get a lot of views, halo doesn’t sell as much copies as it used too. Its just sad that there are more players playing halo reach than halo 5. I feel like its to the point where halo is becomimg the myspace of video game fps.

Bungie left. that’s what happened.

Halo is still wildly popular, nothing to worry about.

Popularity isnt everything and H5 multi player movement and mechanics are amazing:)
Longtime player and there was a post like this last week and the week before :slight_smile:

Halo has much more competition now also. No game will enjoy the market share that games in that time had.