What has changed? Nothing.

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I’ve played maybe 10 games of Halo 4 since last June.

I watched my cousin play two games yesterday. Nothing has changed.

He searched in BTB and the game started with 5v5. That’s not BTB. That’s just 343’s poor matching system failing to establish proper teams.

There is more lag in this game than in Halo 3. At one point, a Gauss hog shot my cousin from halfway across Ragnarok (Hog was near the turret, he was in a base) and the Hog wasn’t even looking in his direction.

When he started playing, he went into his first game and quickly realized his custom loadouts were gone. Wasn’t this pointed out more than a year ago?

I usually have no problem watching someone play Halo. I watch Youtube videos, I watch friends when I get bored or tired. But yesterday it was so boring I couldn’t take it.

BTB Heavies on Ragnarok: 5v5, nothing happened. It took him about 15 seconds to find someone, and then it was whoever had the bigger vehicle.

Nothing has changed. 343 still don’t care.

I booted up Halo 4 to try to get some achievements. I realized that several were for Spartan Ops, and I just popped the game out and loaded ODST. I have yet to play 1 second of Spartan Ops. I’ve watched a few clips of it. They got rid of Firefight for that? I played Firefight in ODST for 2 hours and had more fun than I’ve ever had in Halo 4.



Umm… what? …Ok

You must be quite uniquely observatory to form opinions without first-hand experience. Bravo.


But Heavies is a new addition to Halo 4. It’s a completely different ball field in terms of gameplay to anything else. Aside from that, 2 games from a viewers perspective is not exactly a fair judgment.


You do know that lag is caused by either your connection or the hosts connection right? For me, I rarely lag in matchmaking. In terms of connection though, I would rather play on a not so good Halo 4 host than a not so good Halo 3 host any day of the year. The net code in that game is trash. Also for the record, being hit by a Gauss Hog at long range doesn’t immediately mean there is lag…


This has been fixed. Your brother clearly just hasn’t re-done his loadouts since.


Heavies in a nutshell. It’s not exclusive to Halo 4. Obviously if you are in a Ghost and come against a tank you’re going to lose.


Again the contradiction because Heavies is new. Also you really are clueless to what has been done, its clear otherwise you wouldn’t be spouting this ignorant rubbish.


This is brilliant. You really do know how to put forward an argument don’t you. You are judging something yet have openly admitted that you don’t know anything about it. lol

I can play over 6 hours straight of Halo 3 and encounter a black screen 3-5 times. I watched 3 games of Halo 4 yesterday and saw players running into walls, warthogs one-shotting players, and Gauss hogs shooting in directions they weren’t physically looking.

Spartan Ops was a waste of money. There’s really not much else to say.

As far as I’m concerned, they removed the only tactical, large-scale gametype of Dominion.

Heavies in Halo 3 was actually enjoyable. In this game, with it’s poor matching system, 5v5 on Ragnarok isn’t enjoyable.

> Spartan Ops was a waste of money. There’s really not much else to say.