What has 343 done

Just finished the game and am extremely upset with who dies and not hearing the halo music we all know and love. The new sounds are great and take some time to get used to for weapons and vehicles. The servers keep going down and can’t join friends online, so haven’t got to feel the online to much but it seems dated and boring. I think this is the end of halo without the music and who dies, it just doesn’t seem like halo. The loadouts are too much like COD and the matchmaking screens are cheap. This is why Bungie did Betas so that they could fix bugs and make the online matchmaking run right for release time.

have you never played a game on launch day. i prity much remember h3 and reach gonig nuts with there servers on launch day was prity bad for reach as i remember.
The music, yeh i miss the clasic halo theme but its a new trilogy and its not that big a deal as the new music is rather good, although i would like to c that old halo theme return in some form in the future.

As for somone dying, no one dies there is alot of info and reasons why those people dont actually die. so i wouldnt worrie about that, its just done that way to end the game on a cliff hanger kinda thing.