What Happens When You Swap Out Challenges?

Does it go back into the rotation to be done later, or is it “completed” sans XP?

I’d love to skip Dream After Dream.

You’ll be given a new requirement for that challenge, it won’t rotate a challenge from your upcoming ones nor will it go into your upcoming challenges list, it still counts as the same challenge, just a different requirement to complete it. (★‿★)

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Stopping Enemy Killing sprees is too rng for me. But getting killing sprees I can do.

Thanks. Last challenge to do.

Its actually pretty easy to end a killing spree in fiesta. Its pretty much just kill someone with a hammer.

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Or the sword. You’re not wrong.

Still tho, I’d rather get em myself than wait for someone else to get them then hope my teammates don’t snake the kill.

Gonna take time either way, I guess.