What happens to your Specializations at R130?

I just reached rank 88 and it brought up the question whether or not I would be able to reuse my Specializations title once I hit max rank. I love having the Title “Engineer” or “Stalker” below my Spartan to show what Spec’s I I’m currently equipped with. But as I rank up I can never return to that Specializations, And all though I still have all the Armor and perks, it never feels right when I’m classified as something else when I am outfitted for a completely different specialization. Not only that but I would hate it if I had to have the one last specialization on for the end of time, Which would really make no sense seeing that every one probably chose there favorite specialization first. So when you hit rank 130, will you be able to switch around between them all cause you can’t even rank up anyway?