What happens to XP when we beat the battle pass?

So now through throwing my life away I have beat the battle pass.

I beat the battle pass last night. I know, I’m a loser with no life but I just really love this game a lot! Like a crazy amount lol.

But playing with my wife and friends, who play less than me, I got a bit depressed over the lack of XP doing anything. Does it stack?

I wish it could. Even if it was every 2000 was a battle pass skip.

Something for that XP to not just vanish into the void. Even if I didn’t have to look at it lol. Got 700 XP from challenges and it just disappeared to my knowledge.


They’re still going to have the weekly challenge unlock. But you won’t get to save XP.

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I hope it’s still tracked in the background so it can be automatically applied to any progression system that might be released in the future.

Doubt it though lol


In Halo: MCC XP already vanishes into the void. After level 100 you no longer get season points from leveling up (with no warning), so XP gives no rewards past that point.

Do we actually have ranks in Infinite? I think it’s all done for each battle pass individually. The seasonal ones certainly get no boost from extra XP.

We will have to see how it plays out when 343i releases season 2 but I don’t expect it to transfer over to the other battle pass unless 343i says that it will.

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