What happens to halo?

we have the worst ranking system. where is the champion rank? (One ranked playlist :frowning: )

in this game we have nothing to grind. the rank is meaningless.

yes new playlists have been added but all social but have no social progression system - which we could grind

i can’t hear it anymore - we’re just getting started and big news is waiting for us - blablabla

this game is in early access and is a good beta but not a full-fledged game.

if you look back (halo3, halo reach, halo4 and even halo 5) all games had more content and especially content to grind.

I’m just sad because halo is really close to my heart and you’ve waited years for it and now the game has to grow with the customer.


I’m happy so far with it and excited to see it grow.


I hope we get fixes soon - I also love the gameplay and maps at all but for me the content is a big problem

Why is it the worst? There may be a few teething issues but it’s based on TrueSkill - so it will be good.

They probably dropped Champ because it’s not accurate. Like any ELO system the best players can only be accurately sorted if they are playing each other regularly. This doesn’t happen (time zones etc).

If you mean an XP rank of some sort… I’m pretty sure they said something was coming.

As above.

We’re all disappointed with the lack of content. But the game has had a rocky couple of years - staff changes, the new engine, COVID. What we’ve got is promising… and it will grow. Especially when we get our hands on Forge et al.


‘it’s free to play, so shut it. it’s okay it’s barebones because the gameplay is good. 343 will make changes’
in 6 moons when everyone has left because lack of content, also gameplay can only go for so long. something to go for, like a traditional, side progression system, would be nice. something to put that per match score to use -v-

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yes maybe the ranking system in old halos was not 100% accurate but it was presented in a cooler way - e.g. how cool it was to climb to the championship rank in showdown or to become level 50 and general major in halo 3.

in halo infinite you are onyx and that’s it …

What makes these numbers any more/less valuable than previous numbers?

This is just conjecture my dude.

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The rankings in Halo’s 3 onwards have been based on TrueSkill… so pretty accurate.

Bronze to Onyx or classic 1-50 are the describing the same thing. It’s the same internal MMR - just a different way of describing it.

And you say Onyx isn’t cool. I wish I could be Onyx. And it’s much higher skill than the classic ‘50’ from Halo 3 (which was Diamond 3).

Not sure what showdown is - so can’t comment on how cool it was. But the Halo 3 grind was terrible due to rank locking. But what always fascinates me is how people generally say they hate slow / unrewarding grinds… but somehow put Halo 3 on a pedestal as something to aspire to…


Showdown - Team slayer

but if rank 50 in halo 3 is now diamond 3 in halo infinite then it should be more difficult to reach onyx
in halo 3 the combination of exp progression (+1 exp for a win - 0exp for defeat and -1 exp for quit) and the highest skill was perfect and you felt rewarded after every game.

the same goes for halo 5 you had the spartan rank and could work your way up to champion 1

Halo 3 had hidden ranks after level 50 (Diamond 3). Which is why there was such a wide range of skills across the ‘50’.

I don’t know what % of the curve is Onxy in Infinite… but I think in Halo 5 it was around the 4-5% mark. Logically it should be based on standard deviations from the mean… which would make it even lower (like 2%).

And it made sense in regards to the military ‘XP’ rank. But it was really let down on the skill rank side by the hidden levels and rank locking (which forced many people to start again with a fresh account).

I really am dumbfounded they didn’t go with Spartan Rank again. Silly decision.

But I see why they’ve dropped the “Champion” rank. While TrueSkill is a clever algorithm… it just can’t accumulate enough data to sort the order at the edges of the curve. It’s different in a game like Chess because all the best players come together regularly to play each other.

Maybe some sort of regional / seasonal champ competition?

I agree with every posting.

Nowadays I would just like to understand why everything looks so complicated from the outside - what used to be standard and available for release

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I understand most your critism and the comparison to other halo’s. However, according to 343 latest post here on waypoint only 5% or so of the player base is onyx, depending on your search method(solo/dou input mixed or not). So I wouldn’t describe reaching onyx easy


I agree with you… but I don’t know it doesn’t feel so rewarding then it was in halo 5 - I don’t know why but it seems something is missing

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Maybe because the multiplayer doesn’t feel complet yet. Sadly, we will have to accept for now that everything will be added bit by bit. Just trying to play and have some fun

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