What Happens Next?

With Halo Infinite being a “10 year game” my only question is: Is the MCC going to get left behind?

I seriously don’t want that to happen, but it feels like that might be where we’re heading. There’s a lot of stuff that I’d still love for 343 to do with the MCC, but I can really see 343 wanting “all hands on deck” for Halo Infinite in about 2 or 3 years.

Any thoughts?


I think there will be a portion of the fanbass who dislikes Infinite and will return back to MCC in about a month.


I don’t think that MCC will get left behind.
In the latest MCC update posts on Steam, they said
“Halo 20th Anniversary Content in MCC
With the release of the latest MCC Season, we took a chance to give you a rundown on how our content would be arriving from that point on – and, today is a first step in that very direction.”
With some of the text being a hyperlink to this a post talking about the updates going forward.

Of course, this doesn’t work now, as of the Waypoint changes and stuff, but you can check it on the Wayback machine.


  • No more updates for MCC this year due to Infinite releasing soon.
  • No more seasons. “as a studio it’s not ideal to run and continue shipping seasonal updates for two different multiplayer titles concurrently
  • The MCC will still get updated. “we have more MCC work to do and support will continue… So, while we very much have more updates coming – including more content, fixes, and features – the manner in which they are delivered is expected to shift. Starting next year, we’re targeting pivoting away from our current seasonal model and cadence to instead focus on smaller MCC updates that can land when they’re ready based on development status and studio roadmap alignment. These updates will continue to be free and will include the unreleased features and content from this year – as well as a continued effort to improve stability and tackle legacy fixes where possible. We still have a lot of goodness to deliver in 2022.”

Sorry for the long post.
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343i have stated that support will continue for Halo: The Master Chief Collection next year. The game will still be updated, just not in Seasons like we are used to.


Thank you!!

I will admit, I’m still concerned about the far off future (about 3, maybe 4 years from now) but I’m very glad to know that they’re going to keep it up through 2022.


Additionally, MCC will probably remain a testing ground to experiment with features they’re considering implementing into Infinite. Can’t say that I ever want to boot up H5 ever again though.


That’s completely true, I never thought about that…

Also, yes. I don’t think I’ll be playing Halo 5 for a very, very long time.


Even though I’m still gonna play mcc for years to come as well as Infinite, I think the mp population will decline, I doubt after 2022 there would be much done apart from maybe bug fixes. But that’s life, as a community I hope we can keep mcc populated and going as long as possible.

Sadly, the support will eventually end like all the older Halo games.

I am still hoping that the Halo Master Chief Collection will get more updates especially with the game having a huge success on PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Hopefully 343 Industries will consider doing more updates on the Halo Master Chief Collection.

I think Halo Infinite flights are a more likely test bed for such things to be honest. Kind of the whole point of flights existing.

MCC has been a test bed for Infinite up to release for sure but from launch onwards MCC will just be MCC, Infinite’s future lays with the community and Flighting feedback.


With how much work they have put into the mcc recently I doubt they will just drop it at this point


They already stated that they will continue to support mcc, and release bug fixes and smaller content updates like the flood firefight for odst. I’m sure they won’t drop it, it’s a boon to the development team at 343i at this point.


I doubt it’s the end of the road but ya agree it will be put on backburner till 2022 and no more seasons. I know I won’t stop playing mcc even after infinite releases.


As long as they fix the bugs and deliver the features they promised (like PC splitscreen and campaign crossplay) I don’t mind the updates petering out eventually. It happens to every game in time.

If they furnish us with the tools to make private servers and continue improving mod support, I think the community can keep the game running indefinitely.

Well, I don’t believe the MCC will be left behind, community wise, it will drop but there will definitely be activity from time to time, just not 24/7. As for administrative duties, it is clear they aren’t abandoning it, I mean the MCC will need a lot of mantience still and there are features still on the way, it is likely with the mantience of the MCC, 343 will be adding more still like what we got. I could see the Orion/1999 set be added to CE as a full on model change, possibly 343 could pull like Bethesda where they grab modders to hire and have their work possibly get added officially too. I mean they could restore cut things from every game to be used in mod tools or multiplayer, which speaking of Mod tools, those will need quite a bit of mantience in themselvesI imagine, The MCC is not going away anytime soon, and 343 will likely continue to support it as it is what has all of the old Halo Games from Halo CE-4 so the essentials will always be there to get int.

I don’t think the classics will ever “die” though with a new, relevant and well received title it’ll take a hit. Steam Works will really help the game live forever ala L4D2.

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Original h3 was still played consistently until 2015 so I don’t think h3 on mcc will die out soon

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You’re 100% correct and I might add that people will still come back to MCC even if they do like infinite. I know I will.


For real.
I know that I’m coming back to MCC at some point or another even if I like Infinite.

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