What happens if I don't unlock everything during the three weeks of the Tenrai event?

I recently returned from a 1 week vacation to find out that I had missed the return of the Tenrai event. Upon checking my progress I realized that by the time the event returns for a third time I won’t be able to unlock everything. What happens then? Am I able to get the remaining items again? If so, when would that be?
Would really like an answer since I really hate FOMO in games and am hoping this game does not have it as well.


Quite a few threads from people thinking it’s 3 weeks for some reason. It’s 6.

See this news article on the website:

It was updated on 4th January, so you’ll have to keep reading past the update.

thats not FOMO you can unlock it for free and in a reasonable time the game developers didnt care about people on vacations coming back

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thats literally what limited time events are

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Aight thanks for the link!

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Ive seen nobody talking bout the Tactical event leak slated for Feb so IF the thing going forward is a regular cadence of week long events with specific rewards and an event themed shop, my guess is that tenrai only has these original 3 weeks on the books while they get the Tactical event(s) ready to deploy on the flip-side of Tenrai. Also noticed in that Tenrai event blog post, it says that the Tenrai Fracture is set to have 6 appearances throughout season 1.

If 6, one-week events is to be the time per fracture they could be shooting to have 2 differently themed fractures alternating between the other. This maybe leads to the store being more diverse on a week-to-week basis opposed to a daily one since they still wanna sell you a previous battle pass to sell you BP related alternates in the off time of the fractures.

Stepping back and looking at what the bigger vision for the store might be, i can see them compounding free cosmetic reward track/pass with a “premium” cosmetic event store for every fracture.

Kinda like a miniature version of how Apex does its store alongside the collection events, which gets associated with the season’s BP at the time.

sorry for the eassay

Limited time events are build upon FOMO, so OP is absolutely right.

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