What happens if I don't open my Premium Req Packs?

I’ve been without a stable internet connection for the past month and haven’t really been able to play. I should have had 6-8 Req packs lined up for me to open (I don’t remember exactly how many I should have). But, I just got on and went right to my req packs, and noticed that I only had 2 there.

What’s the deal? I payed for 12 weeks of Req packs or however long it is, what happened to the ones that I didn’t/couldn’t open? I’m going to be pretty upset if they disappear if they aren’t opened, that’s just outright BS.

I’m maybe thinking that they just don’t stack, so that I’m technically still on my 3rd week or whatever, and I still have 9 weeks left? I’d still be bummed if that were the case, I would have made at least an effort to get on and open my packs at least so that I wouldn’t have to wait longer, but I guess it’s better than them disappearing.

That’s my understanding. If you don’t use it then is will stack.But that’s just what I have heard through the grapevine.