What happened!?

This is not the Halo Iv known, Loved and supported for the last 20 years. This new game is great but where is Halo? Where is all the chaotic and fun game modes? Where is all the unlockables to show off for finding hidden skulls or beating the campaign on legendary? Where is the customs games, or the forge community that spent countless hours to create the ultimate fun? Why does it have to be so beyond different. How can you take something that everybody loved 10 years ago and completely twist it. My greatest memories and achievements were in Halo 3, unlocking all achievements to get that katana chest armor to show off, or in reach saving up all my credits after months of grinding multiplayer to get that electric shock armor effect. Now I no longer have the urge to take on the challenges, what’s the point if there’s nothing to show for it. What happened to Halo!

“If it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it”

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