What happened?

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Wtf is this? What happened? How can anyone who is a fan of Bungie and Halo 1-3, reach and ODST honestly say this is Halo? What happened to the spartans? Why did they turn them into GO GO POWER RANGERS with attitude? What happened to the nuanced characterisations? Replaced by quips and one liners? Why? Why sacrifice artistic merit just to pander to 15 year olds?
Watch this trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKRlWLDWhGINow watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44oJi5w2WjcHow could you say its from the same series? One looks like a serious gritty SciFi and the other looks like a Michael Bay CGI Mary Sue crap. YO KIDS LOOK AT THESE COOL SUPER TUFF SOLDIERS ANGRY BLACK GUY, ONE LINER WHITE GUY, ASIAN CHICK JUST CAUSE AND FLAT FEMALE CHARACTER BECAUSE WE RAN OUT OF IDEAS SO WE JUST PUT IN A WOMAN JUST WERE NOT SEXIST RIGHT GUYS ;)))I’ve been playing Halo since the first Xbox came out, and I do not feel entitled at all to the series. I own a PS4 now and dont have time for videogames inbetween work but I just want to know.WHAT HAPPENED?