What happened with halo infinite?

When i ask this, I ask genuinely in a non sarcastic way. What happened with halo infinite?

It seems to have suffered the same fate as many other modern games. Releasing unfinished and promising to be “finished” over time. but with infinite i’m not so sure of the reason for this happening, if it’s incompetence or something more deliberate.

did they plan to release an unfinished game and expect to make it whole post launch? Did they make a complete game and strip it down to stretch it over 10 years? maybe some combination or something else entirely.

and how did this happen? was it understaffing? poor management? or maybe some kind of pressure from the corporate side of things forcing changes leading to disaster?

who can say for sure. I still remember the hype pre launch. “halo infinite! the game that will save halo! development may be slow but that just means they’re taking their time to make it great.” then we got closer to launch, and the signs of what was to come started to show. first with coatings, the announced a six color pallet, multiple shades of the colors. everyone was excited. then a couple days later they announced that coatings would not be customizable and would instead be pre-made selections that we would have to choose one. and now we can see it. the result of their decision to make halo into a live service kind of game instead of how games traditionally have been and how the greatest games have been. release a complete game, people love it, release dlc maps and armor in a package deal $10-$20, they love my game so they buy it, Profit. and thats just one part of it. theres alot we all know was cut, put in the shop, or is “promised” to be in the works. Things that in a complete halo would be and have been there.

i am aware that halo used to be pretty bare pre halo 3, and halo 3 is where/when a lot of our favorite things about halo were created. then further expanded upon in halo reach. even halo 5, for all its problems, had an excellent multiplayer. different sure, but theres was a huge sandbox, the largest forge to date, and a plethora of game modes to play in customs and matchmaking. Then they decide to take a decade worth of steps backwards with infinite.

They have chosen to make every angle if this game into a cash grab while leaving behind the things that would make ppl actually want to buy the “extras”. players will spend money if your game is worth sticking around for (just look at cod, for all its criticisms, players come back and it almost always tops, so ppl spend $ on skins.) Halo cannot say the same, i stick around but theres very few of us comparatively. I cant imagine this model they’ve chosen has been profitable. given halo was abt to drop off the top 25 games before forge launched, and even forge is just barely passable being in a beta stage. I want to see halo succeed, but im starting to wonder if halo is just at that point in its life. just a corpse being puppeted around to get ppl like me to say “ooooh i 'memebah halo, and mastah chief” but that doesnt draw in, grow, or keep a player base.


The difference between Halo Infinite and the bare-bonesness of the older games you mentioned is that Infinite is a regression, where-as Halo CE to 2, 3 - Reach etc. weren’t.

No one really has the answer but it definitely has suffered the modern fate you’ve described, and they argue for a 0 crunch 100% positive health work ethic (If you can call it that) until the game is where it should have been over a year ago.

Who knows, it’s in an awful place and it has been for too long. It could come out with the most badass update and it still will never get the surge it needs to remain relevant.

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-this game went thru development hell (or at least a lesser version of it) early on
-COVID happened and of course caused more downtime, slowdown, etc.
-many contractors and non-passionate Halo folks working on the game.
~their desire to make this F2P for whatever reason when they could have just followed the old model. I dont know why; perhaps they knew this game would be released in an “unfinished” state and they felt they “had to” make it F2P?

probably many more things i’m forgetting. Sure there are still many passionate Halo staffers working on this game but it just feels like the “life” of Halo died or something. Sad to see.


arguably Infinite’s a regression even compared to CE. CE at least launch with co-op and level select.


There it is.
That poor management coupled with ridiculous policies regarding contractual workers most certainly lead to infinite’s extremely poor state.

Here’s the thing, for many of the things that went wrong, plenty of us made quite accurate predictions, and in some cases could see the result basically as soon as they announced it, like the aforementioned Armor Coats.
I explicitly remember saying that it’ll be a poor system with far less player choices that they deliberately made non-customisable to be able to churn out a lot of easy content for sale. Wanna know the responses? Of course you do.

-“But we WILL have a lot of armor coats to choose from on launch” 10 armor coats and a free one from the store. I personally hoped, but didn’t think they’d implement all the basic colors of the previous games, but I never imagined 10 basic colors. However, the case was made that there’s no incentive for i343 to implement a bunch of basic colors to use when they want to sell new ones. A low selection makes users want to buy more.
-“In a year or two they’ll have hundreds of armor coats for us to choose from” We’re a year in, we may have about a hundred Armor Coats in total, but with most being paywalled, and with the store as it is, not available to purchase. While Armor Coats are somewhat financially viable, they’re not viable enough to have a big team of artists churn out new ones on adaily basis, with programmers implementing them for us to acquire for free.
-“As they said, they have a lot of freedom to make a lot of different Armor Coats” How many blues and reds did they release again? Do we even have variations of older ones? Like a yellow Scorpion Punch? There’s generally nothing about this to argue with, as this argument was made basically because proponents of this system saw it as an “either-or” thing with the old system vs this one. No one could predict that the creative bankrupcy, or internal filtering, was as bad as it got.
-“But there were so many color combinations, even colors, barely used, and not used at all, being redundant” And the majority of Armor Coats are not collecting dust? Especially those which were weekly rewards and can’t be unlocked anymore through any means?

These two later ones especially was relying on how limited the old two-color system was, and those using these two didn’t really aknowledge that i343 made a concious decision not to make Armor Coats color customisable, because it was in their power to do so.

As great as it would’ve been, biggest money makers today are the free-to-play games, and everything with i343 leading up to Infinite screamed they’d double down on monetization in Infinite.
From the loot boxes of Halo 5 to the job openings on Monetization people ( some sort of psychologist ) for Infinite. The writing was on the board for an extremely long time.

Not really. They’ve been proper installments with plenty of content that contributed to the game in a meaningful manner, as well as being “player first”.

Looking at Infinite, the open world is a bog standard open world map which exist, that’s what it feels like its doing, just existing.
You get your filler stuff to do and that’s basically it.
Multiplayer is for the bottom line, not the implied “players first” and all we’re left with is a feeling of half an experience.

Because we, the players, are basically the product. The target audience is the shareholders, that’s why this game feels like that. It’s an extreme disconnect between the top and the developers.
People up high see numbers, and that’s what they make decisions on. Those numbers don’t reflect on product quality or content quantity.

And that’s what they see.
A successful game with some specific mechanics / features and they think that’s what brings the money, therefore their product should also use that, no?

It’s not really the model itself that’s the issue for Halo currently.
This model could be more successful if Infinite simply was better made.
They didn’t learn anything from Halo 5’s customization UI, which was horrendous.
No server select at launch, just recently got a variant of it.
The Store is on a rotation, rather than showcasing a large selection of items, playing in on the “FOMO” they said they wouldn’t play in on. Wether it’s another UI issue do to bad design, or intentional, is very difficult to decide.
Maps are usable, but not really memorable, as they follow some specific patterns, with symmetry and samey lane design.
Interesting concept such as simple doors, are missing, the hacking interactivity is only present on one map. They’re playing it so safe on design it gets boring.
Simply put, Infinite’s issue is poor quality.

It is, and no, it doesn’t.


maybe the reason a lot of modern games now a day’s have make there hardware for 3 diffrend console’s like for the xbox console’s for the xbox one, Series X and series S.
and a lot off people wane upgrade there xbox one to a serie’s X but there cant since its hard to get one for 2 years long all.
so a lot off game’s support the xbox one.
same with the playstation side its hard to get the PS5 so most developers make there game’s also for the PS4.
it has all to do with the player base you get.

do you know that a lot off cod game’s have cool and sick skins that you can use on all the weapons.
and halo has more skins that is only usefull for that type weapon.
and your game needs to be good working also if people wane buy any skin in the first place.
halo infinite is so broken almost to its core that people not going buy any skins at all if the matchmaking is broken in the first place.

and if you wane know what happened with halo infinite its more the big mistake’s there have make and choose for.
make the multiplayer F2P big mistake.
worst armor customisable system there is.
big contant and playlist problems.
and most off all the broken promise’s there have broken good.

that there wane keep it running for 10 years is something you need to have a really good plan what it needs like a good playlist’s selection like in halo 5 that it has a lot off permante playlist’s.
and the maps most have a good flow also.
since we got in 1 full year 4 maps what you normal get in a basic DLC after a few month’s.

This game just completely didn’t meet expectations or promises by 343i and is missing such key items of Halo. That’s it really.