What Happened To Weekend Playlists?

For the first couple of weeks 343 would have us vote on which playlist we wanted for the weekend. We would have the option to vote for the playlist we had the week before or decide between 2 other new playlists. It definitely got me on every weekend. What are your thoughts on this? Should they bring it back? Especially with new game types coming out next month?


Why have we lost the voting system!?


Cmon guys, new office and stuff. And the holidays and stuff. And someone has to hit that rank reset button and stuff. And don’t you like pizza? Cmon guys. Ungrateful little…you got toy gun skins and stuff. Next you’ll be wanting maps and junk.

They realized that people want things they can’t provide so they just shove other stuff down our throats instead.

I would really appreciate the return of the weekend playlist voting.

The Weekend Playlists are pointless without any proper Halo gametypes…

And they still have to find a way to create proper Social Slayer and not this hidden Rank bullsh:i:t

i hate weekend playlists. temporary playlists must be made permanent, or at the very least be greatly extended. let me give you an example.

the MCC had temporary playlists. I was expecting something similar. When 343 removed that playlist, they replaced it with another one. the next update they did the same thing. why they decided to tease us with playlists for 3 days here and there is beyond me. why do they think we only want to play them for a weekend? why do they think that we are ok with them going away so quickly? why did they decide to do it at all? is it really that much harder to just leave it for a few weeks?

they seem to be really worried that a playlist will have long wait times like the MCC. variety is suffering greatly here. if we had team doubles and team snipers permanent i would play a lot more halo. (mostly my friends would want to play more, and therefore so would i).

my point is obviously that i am not ok with them teasing us with these playlists. we should demand them to be permanent and to cycle through them, or at least be for a much longer period.

I hope the next one is multi-team.

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> I hope the next one is multi-team.

I agree. 3 teams of 3, multi team was so much fun.

I like four teams of 3 better actually. They’d need to be careful with the colors, though, as the color palettes are too similar again like in Halo 4. Why they had a green and lime team is mind boggling. They’d be best using Red, Green, Blue and Orange for maximum contrast.

I wan’t the weekend playlist