What happened to the Season 8 Challenges? Have they expired?

I have relied on gaming journalists to let me know when a MCC season was ending and a new one was starting. This gave me a deadline to complete the season challenges. To my knowledge, however, the recent content update was not announced ahead of time. As such, journalists couldn’t report on the changes and I have now been caught unawares. The only important Season 8 challenge I hadn’t completed was Hogfather for the Gilded Lion warthog skin.

The only glimmer of hope I have found is in the Halo MCC update post(https://www.halowaypoint.com/news/update-on-halo-mcc). I’m asking for some clarity on what it means.

The current seasonal challenges will shift to a 28-day cadence and award XP and/or points that you can spend in existing tiers for previous Seasons or The Exchange to unlock new armor or customization items.

Does this mean the Hogfather and other season 8 challenges will reappear on the 28-day cadence? Maybe even previous season challenges? If not, then will I ever be able to earn/buy the Gilded Lion skin or is it permanently unobtainable now?

I found a thread where the concern of season 8 challenges expiring was brought up, but no definitive answer was made. (https://forums.halowaypoint.com/t/how-much-longer-is-left-to-complete-the-season-8-seasonal-challenges/493010)

Season 8 has easily gone on for 8 months or more, they said a long long time ago in an update blog that the day would come when the seasons are rotated out, and now has a monthy challenge system to take their place and offer seasonal points. With that in mind the rewards from season 8 challenges should be added to the rotating exchange shop. But good luck looking for season 8 rewards, the rewards from season 3 and beyond still havent made it into the weekly rotation.

343 should have given at least a week’s warning etc. Nevertheless, S8 had been going on for 6 months, there was an ample amount of time to get them done. I always did my seasonal challenges during the first 5 or 6 weeks just for this reason. At some point the content should make it way back into the exchange. When that actually happens is another story.

Instances like this just puzzle me. 343 had to have known the update was going to be delivered and that they would be removing the seasonals. I feel like they are honestly more concerned with checking a box and delivering an update rather than being open, etc with the community. I honestly think 343 does things for the wrong reasons. Now that MCC has been updated they can put their hands up and say no more updates for 6 months since we just got something. They could have easily sent a reminder to finish the S8 challenges.