What happened to the PvE bot difficulty?

Hey wanted to post this to see if anyone knows anything about this, did the first flight with the bots when they were showing off the multiple levels of difficulty for the Spartan-Bot A.I

when I was playing that I had an absolute blast playing with the bots on the public flights, but I started playing lately and can’t seem to find where to do it. The Bot Bootcamp allows me to play with bots but there super simple and not much of a challenge. This was a big upset for me since i was planning on mainly playing against bots to level up to earn customization and enjoy the game (even though you can’t actually earn cosmetics without spending up to 15$ Canadian for a helmet in the store)

I’m would like to know if they are planning on adding the difficulties back for the players who want to play the multiplayer but can’t since the public lobbies are filled with people who constantly destroy in lobbies and ruin the fun for another player.

or are the bots a lost cause since the devs if added would remove exp gain from it; which would completely cause me to lose interest (if I only earned like 75% of what normal PVP would give exp wise I would be down for that).

just throwing out ideas since I’m not sure whats going on with it

The bot bootcamp playlist features randomized difficulties for the bots. IMO the difficulty of the bots was pretty negligible I was dropping perfections on Spartan bots with ease. I am assuming the bots will get better over time so hopefully in the future they can give us a better experience.