What happened to the netcode?

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed. But over the last several days, the quality of Halo 4’s netcode has all but nosedived.

1 week ago, after the initial server hiccup when we all started playing online, the game seemed to play just fine, Coop Campaign/Spartan Ops ran smoother than any Halo previously, and while multiplayer had the odd somewhat laggy match, it was surrounded by great connections, with no bullet drop, and consistency across the board.

Today? (Or should I say ever since around Friday?), Coop/Spartan Ops lag and freeze at least as bad as Halo 3 did back in the day (playing with the same group of people), and in multiplayer? Bullets dropping, grenades not seeming to do any damage, worst of all the Sticky Detonator, a consistent death machine that may have had a bit too high a blast radius before, barely damages players standing right on top of it.

What on earth happened?

It almost feels like Gears of War 3 all over again, when they drew you in with their shiny dedicated servers, and seemingly no-lag. Then a couple of weeks in, they decided to budget cut to welfare servers.