What happened to the medals?!?

First off, sorry if I missed something in the news somewhere. If I did, just point me in the right direction and I’ll withdraw any criticism/complaints I may put forth.

Where did the medals go? I’m watching this new video of Exile CTF, but all I see are words in the center of the screen.

I was a big advocate of removing these words back when they first showed them. I think it adds unnecessary clutter to the focal point of the screen, and they are unnecessary reminders of the feats you’ve accomplished. For example: Starting at 0:08 of this video, the player earns a “Sword Kill”. What is the point of showing this to us? Honestly, someone give me a solid answer. I know pretty-darn well what I just did, especially since it wasn’t more than a single kill. If you backtrack, you can see that at 0:04 of the same video, the player earns a “Kill”. Why is this shown? (NOTE: I have no idea whose video this is, I just searched “Sword Kill Halo 4”.)

Now, this brings me to my next point: Where did the medals go in the video in the first link above? At 0:43, the player earns four feats. Shouldn’t these show up on the medal bar? Comeback Kill, Headcase, Revenge, and Avenger all sound measly enough to be left in the medal bar rather than the center-screen text, which should be reserved for important events, if anything.

At 3:20, the player earns an Assassination and Double Kill. Neither appear as medals. Why not?

Again, sorry if I missed anything, like “Medals are turned off for this game”. In my opinion, medals are a core part of the Multiplayer experience when it comes to competing against friends and foes. I feel like the post-game stat-sheet will be incredibly dull.

They were disabled for the build.

I believe they were taken out to edit them, and they couldn’t be put back in time for PAX.

Thank God I’m not the only one. All I see are CoD type Word Medals. No actual medals >:

They’re in there. They’re in the post game stats. There’s tons of them, and they’re all colorful and -Yoink!-.

I really hope 343 decides to remove these points and kills from the middle of the screen¡
They are unneeded and cause wayyy to much clutter. Ido not need to know i killed someone with thesword im not stupid

I disagree i like how it says YOUR CARRYING THE FLAG in big bright letters it helps what if i forget im carrying the flag? and i also like hearing KILL THE FLAG CARRIER!! and PROTECT THE FLAG like no -Yoink- thank you i didnt know i had to do that. and i love seeing 20 different weapons icon on the screen. seriously who thought this was a good idea? make it so that the icons disappear after a few seconds

Im not the only one who noticed. Good :stuck_out_tongue: I figured it was taken out for the build

Thanks for the responses guys. I also like how nobody here came and said “OMG 343 is fine who cares adapt!”

I hope to God that they are not there strictly because it was just for the PAX build and they want to polish them up. They had BETTER be in the final build.

Or I will cry.