What happened to the incentive to play?

I actually haven’t played Halo 5 for the past month. I feel like the game has really lost it’s spark, or it could be that none of my close friends are not Halo players. But still, as you could see by my SR, I’ve thoroughly played this game and enjoyed almost every bit of it but I just can’t find the motivation now to keep playing. I never thought I’d see the day I would actually get tired of Halo 5 but I guess I didn’t look far enough.

I got tired of it awhile ago and for some reason I still play it

Your top csr is unranked. If I didn’t switch between social, arena, and big team, I would be bored of the game too.

You should play team arena. I don’t know if you’re an old school halo player, but some of the best halo matches you’ll ever have, are 4v4 object games.

For me, I have a good group of four players. We all play Halo maybe twice a week together. Jumping into arena and practicing call outs and new strats is what really keeps me playing. Maybe your motivation to keep playing is more external than internal if your friends are no longer playing it.

The game is the same no matter what
same guns
same enemies
same everything
i got bored lol