what happened to the flood skin in infection?

343 showed a teaser for Halo 5 infection and I just can’t help but feel let down that you’re just some green dude with an energy sword and speed boost. In Halo 4 343 made it so you were actually playing as the flood and it was awesome it made infection actually rather scary some times really bringing a new feel to infection. I hope they somehow change it in a patch so you actually play as the flood but hey, it’s not so bad playing as a green dude running around stabbing people with shotguns.

I would a appreciate a toggle effect to use flood skins or not. I think Halo 2A’s infection was one of the best feature and look wise. Halo 4’s flood lacked too many settings to really be called infection :confused:

I would advocate for all the previous Flood designs to be used, that said it looks like 343I wants to go for a more classic yet unique to H5G appearance of the infected.

You forget that that is what we had in halo 2, 3 and reach.

I feel like it has to do something with their mega bloks kits. Halo mega bloks. If you ever notice, a couple of kits are based on Reach style armor and they are glow in the dark green.

Many people did not like the flood forms for infection. I liked the concept but im totally ok without it. Just glad to finally have it come soon

Halo 5 is rated T, so it has to tiptoe a fine line.

I was mixed between the flood skin and feel because you gave off the traditional flood noise when you got close to an enemy, but don’t mind the green at all. Fits the feel that we are doing “warzone simulations” as in we are all on the same team as spartans and these multiplayer games are all us training in a sense. Plus with how big they made the armor variants and being able to change and show off your armor by simply changing the color of the infected to green still shows off your armor you have set for your spartan.