What happened to the Fireteam Crimson?

Spartan Ops has always been one of my favorite game modes (except when I had to play Legendary Solitaire), and ever since 343i came back to being our own Spartan and hopefully in the future maybe having a reinvention of Spartan Ops. in Halo Infinite, I have a question. What happened to FireTeam Crimson?

Nothing has been heard from them since the end of Spartan Ops, will we be the FireTeam Crimson again in Halo Infinite? Will we be a new Fireteam? What happened to them after the events of requiem?

My question arises because if we go back to being a team of Spartans, in principle we would have to be that team, or will they be given their own identity and we will become another new team where we are the Spartans? I hope to explain myself well.


At the current time they havent appeared beyond the Spartan Ops events.

In a side note: They do have a Mega Construx set where their emblem was shown! Thats kinda the furthest we have on them.


They’re either still active on Zeta Halo or they died on the Infinity when we lost the battle against the Banished


I wonder this a lot. They could be doing anything or be dead for all we know

Wanted to do a machinema where a fireteam hunt them down after the created rose up. after they go missing mysteriously.

Oni wants them back because they were each using high value assets needed to build next gen mjolnir to fight cortana. They were made oni after requiem in my head canon.

As you trace them you see the signs of war crimes and start to wonder why the heros of the second requiem campaign have turned bad, eventually capturing 3
Recovering their experimental: gen2 decimator, Atlas and enforcer platforms and learn the last spartan has the achillies prototype.

You learn crimson leader sided with cortana because he was outfitted with the achillies prototype gen 2 platform and has fits of uncontrollable rage that cause him to have violent hallucinations but if he removes the platform he becomes entirely unhinged and hears the voice of the achillies AI.

The only cure was for him to become a digital essence and now he is a promethean spartan the main character eventually kills him but is Mia presumed dead on a forerunner installation

The final scene has achillies/you on crimson team from 4, suffering ptsd after requiem the rage AI was a treatment to help you recover all along.

It was supposed to help curb your outbursts but it was corrupted over time the ai then realises it is remembering the past and becomes lucid. You from crimson remember all the acts oh evil you committed and how each member of crimson tried to stop you, get you to cortana to be fixed.

First person view show it looking down at its hands and realising it transferred it’s AI self into the protagonists mjolnir you relinquish control and tell him/her its going to be alright, you gonna get them home and make amends as best you can before turning your aspect into oni.

I eventually began doing some paper level design docs and thought of making it into a mod for halo CE a Spartan ops season 2 but eventually it all got sidelined as work and college commitments took over my life. Still like the idea. Might return to it one day.

Not sure there’s been a canon appearance of them since the first season of spartan ops.

Huh? Infinity is gone?

Spoilers dude :l

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It was in the trailer, homie

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