What Happened to the Final Kill cam? - 1/7/13

There was a TU for it a while back to add it back in and fix a few bugs, but now it’s gone! What happened! I loved that thing. It was pretty cool.

I have yet to see a killcam that was actually accurate. I think they were taken out because they are still completely inconsistent.

Pretty sure they were removed due to their inaccuracy.

Killcams have no business being in a Halo game. I’m glad those things were bugged to the core.

I barley see the SitRep cam at all and even if I do I just skip it.

We had killcams?! Seriously though, it was always inaccurate… Never bothered to look at it once I realized that. Glad they’re gone.

I haven’t really cared much for kill cams, but I like the idea of having a final kill cam and I really miss the ‘Last Strike’ medal. However I think they should’ve named it ‘Final Strike,’ it just sounds better to me.

I never understand killcams, and lack of clarity from 343i makes me mad. Supposedly, they’re supposed to work right. When I get killed by BS, I expect to find out. But they just don’t work at all now.

Most of the killcams I see lately just shows someone killing me by shooting at a wall. They are worthless right now.

I don’t even bother watching a killcam anymore because 99% of the time it shows your killer shooting at a wall and getting kills. COD, battlefield, and many other games can get their killcams right, why not 343? At this point its better to just remove it or fix it, there is no point in leaving it in the game because all it does is make players think there are hackers.