What Happened To Team Snipers?

Well the past couple of weeks and i have been on i haven’t seen snipers and i was concerned. I looked into the playlist and found that there wasn’t snipers but they kept swat and added some others. I was just pondering, Are they doing another update for snipers or they just got rid of it completely? any body know?

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the playlist rotates weekly

It will be back. There gonna do differnt settings with it and the next time its on it will be a lil differnt than the first time it was on

It will be back soon. They are just changing around game types everyweek.
I honestly dont care about it, every game mode is pretty much team snipers anyways with the DMR everywhere.


I know some may not care about snipers and i fully understand that its your opinion and personally i use the DMR alot but i love the feel of a 50 cal. Sniper in my hand and popping and cracking skulls for a while since in almost every map someone is camping out right at the sniping spawn. I love Snipers and i love mid-range weapons. That feeling of reaching out and touch someone with your bullet is a great feeling. :slight_smile:

I know it’s stupid. Now they have added KOTH to the rotating playlist.

I know, don’t ask???

Team snipers should be a permanent playlist,why do I have the feeling swat will be made permanent over snipers?

I didn’t really like Team Snipers for Halo 4

Yeah they have KOTH on there that is like primary listing so you don’t have to worry about it falling out.

its cool about people hating about snipers but this is a snipers forum. just saying.