What happened to Team Arena? There's only HCS now!

Seriously, I have to play with nearly all Halo 5 features and varied weapons disabled if I want to do 4v4 now? That’s absurd. Why couldn’t these playlists just be kept separate? I don’t want to be forced to play with those elitist tournament rules; I just want a normal 4v4 objective game that isn’t Slayer. >:(

This is really, really frustrating. There’s absolutely no reason to force this HCS thing onto everyone who plays this game just for fun. First, social arena was removed, and now team arena is removed from ranked. The list of enjoyable, replayable game modes shortens every season. If you want this game to stay alive, stop taking things out of it! :frowning:

This was explained in last week’s Community Update, Team Arena moved to the Core playlist