What happened to spartan companies?

what happened to spartan companies, the clans are not on the website , this is sad there was big old clans that are no more i miss this feature.


There was a news post on Waypoint last month stating that they were pretty much discontinuing Halo 5 Spartan Company support as well as H5 file browsing. Anyone in a Spartan Company can still make progress toward the Achilles armor; however, you will not be able to view/change anything regarding Spartan Companies on Halo Waypoint any longer.

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They have been discontinued.

*Or helmet, in my Spartan Companies case.

Yes, the whole armor set is what I was implying.

Thanks for making that clear.

It was the fastest way they could choose to kiII off Halo 5.
How do you expect Halo 5 to flourish if there is no means for players to constantly stay in touch as a League, Clan, Company or whatever term you want to call it, Let me guess, dIsCoRd or some other third party app?

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Halo 5 doesn’t need any help being “killed off.”


Discord is a good bet. The Spartan Company that I am in (117 Ways To Die) has a very active and kind community that uses Discord on a daily basis for communications.

It looks like you may be able to eventually create Groups on here. That will at least give you a place to gather in private discussions with people that are in your “Company”.

I know it is not the same, as far as features and whatnot go, but it is at least something for those who prefer to not use other resources outside of Waypoint.

While I appreciated the whole companies idea, Halo 5 is a pretty eeeeeeh game for me and since it’s not jumping to PC I have no reason to care about it. So at least for me, not a particularly awful loss.

I wish they would just do something in-game, like Halo 2 did with their whole clan system.

I have been wondering the same. I tried too browse mine and got nothing. Cannot even search for my team mates

I believe they will have an in-game option like cod for companies tho, I hope.

This sucks, I liked having my cool little Spartan company with my friends just because why not…