What happened to race???

So I was under the impression that the race game mode would be coming to halo 5 in the new hog wild update but that obviously is not the case. The new rally warthogs obviously makes the race game mode seem pretty obvious right? So do you guys think that it’s one of those things that got pushed back to the firefight update or is 343 just leaving it up to us to make it as a custom game? Just curious to hear what you think…

Well, it could be that maybe it takes a little longer to implement? From what I know, it takes about 6 months to build a Warzone map. Of course it might take a little less time. But think how long it took for infection to come out. It is most likely 343 wanted to build the most popular game modes first. How popular was race, do you know?

They said in one of the recent blogs that some things got pushed back. i assumed race was one of them. I would like a rally goose.

The Hog Wild update was delayed and is due to drop with Warzone Firefight. What we got on the 31st was just a REQ drop. I’m assuming Race was set for Hog Wild because we got those racing warthogs in the drop.