What happened to playing a game to have fun?

What happened? To fun?

Oh I don’t know???
Maybe 343 agreeing that loot crates were a bad idea then putting a battle pass in.
Taking a staple of halo and putting it behind a pay wall when you use to have to level up or achieve achievements to get armor.
Lying to us for pretty much the second time in a row.

Free doesn’t mean you get to ruin the game and that experience by shoving monetization in people’s faces.

Remember when people payed $60 for a game and then had to earn that stuff? It was great because then you got to show off what you earned. You didn’t just buy it and be like “yeah I got hundreds of dollars I can burn.”


It’s amazing how many people are making this about the grind.

Did any of them pick up Halo because of the gameplay and hype surrounding the resurgence of a classic style approach? From the way they’re moaning about cosmetics and progression it doesn’t seem that way.

I’m stuck here championing a reconnection to Ranked games if you drop because I love this game so much and don’t want to see an actual problem result in players leaving.


In a world where life moves a million miles an hour and there are so many games and things to do out there, playing a game for a substantial amount of times requires sacrifice of playing other games and such, so having progression, rewards, all that out-of-match stuff gives more meaning a weight behind everything you just did, cause you can look back at everything you’ve gotten- not only to enjoy using and equipping- but to validate the time you spent on one game over another.

Sure you can play a game for fun, but there’s a lot of fun games out there, so you need to go further, if you’re gonna pick between two fun games, you wanna pick the fun game that gives the most rewards and progression so you can look back on all that you’ve accomplished and feel validated you made the right decision to commit to this game.

One of my favorite games of all times is Team Fortress 2, and there is next to no progression in that game, but I still play it a lot because it’s a stellar game, but I feel like I’m almost wasting my time with it when after 2,000 hours I have nothing really to show for it.

All and all, these are video games, and how we enjoy them is up to the individual, we are all different, sowe shouldn’t disregard what another person values.


No we just didn’t expect to be screwed this royally and see such overpriced items. No matter the circumstance the color blue shouldn’t be 15 bucks. Period. No one asked for it to he free to play either


This. And I already play SSBM competitively and there is no progression or anything. The only progress is getting better and playing for fun, but, I want another game to play for fun, with friends and I wanna grind a lil to earn some cool stuff and get some ez lame gained dopamine. Lol, playing halo reach was the same thing, play for an hour or 2 and get some credits to earn that helm I’m aiming for


The issue is that we’re surprised that 343 lied in their marketing (“millions of customization options at launch,” cosmetics that are earned “only through gameplay,” “no FOMO,” etc.) and not that there are MACROtransactions. (Not micro–the color blue for your assault rifle costs as much as any of a selection of critically-acclaimed indie games.)


Because time is a currency, why place all my coins into one fun game while I can play many? The point of progress is to feel like your invested time is reciprocated and valued for what it is. An investment into their game. Low player numbers don’t look good to stock holders, its a sign that a product isn’t successful and should get less or no funding.

Saying otherwise undermines your personal worth.

I bought battle pass, few items there I want but happy to earn them, it’s not like I need thousands of cosmetics, I play to have fun and customise my spartan as I go.
It’s not like there’s a mirror in the middle of a map that I can stand there admiring my spartan suit lol

I dont play Social Games all that much. I play Custom Game Only. I setup my Custom Game Servers so people can have fun. I put in a crap load of Weapons and Vehicles. I speed up the movement a little, and and set up Gravity a little less so you can jump a little higher and have Jet pack when available and STUPID FRIENDLY FIRE IS TURNED OFF! I don’t set my Halo Servers up for competition or pro type games. I don’t need the aggravation and neither do most players. i setup my Halo games servers so people can some fun games like we did in the good ol days of Halo. :slight_smile:

Side Note:
I really like the gfafix in this game, I can’t wait till “FORGE” comes out so I can mod some of these awesome maps. ( Providing we get some decent stuff in forge ) lol

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Dude… The game is free. How is that possibly worse value?


The game is free. You pay nothing and get a complete gameplay experience. What more do you want?


These practices are entirely psychological. They have researched how to induce fomo and extract money from players. It’s not about just playing the game anymore and they know how to exploit human desire to have shiny things. It’s not something the average person has the willpower to resist. Please understand that it’s far deeper than just cosmetics.


Matchmaking system is broken in ranked.
Have not won a game in ranked in 2 days.
Placed against ONYX and Diamond tier players while i sit plat 4…

Dude, I just want to play and make my spartan look cool in the time between matches, and work for something over the course of playing. Right now it’s asking for too much work or too much money to do that, and that’s why people are angry.

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What in the blue haired Beta?? Why try to win? What… Like why play a FPS game if you’re not trying to win?

You experienced it? Like you need confirmation of this through trinkets and googlies?

I like customization, but it’s not like a core reason to play or attached to who I am. Meanwhile on Apex, which is another can of worms given BR is the hot tub stream of gaming, but if you play a legacy character you basically have nothing incoming besides the occasional event skin. Otherwise it’s the same 2 dozen skins since the character launched.
Let’s not forget that the entire customization system is just skins and other little trivial things. Some of which require up to 500 loot boxes to even get the option of choosing. So besides RNG match starts unless you game Elysium and the poo gas factory during a gold rush, you just get loot boxes or chase challenges.

If I were in a production meeting I would simply suggest bumping the level cap to 200 and spreading things out more kinda like Apex and everyone else does, so people see the number go up and the monkey brain goes “we did a thing, the game likes me” so to me that’s the “ignorance is bliss” factor. Not to mention that one example is a heavily watered down movement shooter, so they took something fun and just made into a running simulator for gambling addicts, #genius :stuck_out_tongue:

Still not as heavy handed as PoE leveling, but that’s also for masochists. So everyone’s definition of fun is different haha.

Nobody asked for it to be a F2P game, everyone on these forums had $60 prepared for this game and probably more if they were gonna run any other editions.


Customisation is important to a certain type of player - it’s not important or imperative to Halo.

This isn’t a Halo problem - it’s a social issue that is riddled throughout the world. A want or a need to make one different or individual from the next person.

A want a need a sickness. Forget the Flood, customisation will probably be the downfall of the human race.

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I uh, think you’re reading too much into it for this particular case

people wish to express themselves such as how they’ve been able to in previous Halo titles, the customization in Infinite heavily restricts personalization & the only avenue to compensate for that restriction is to pay as oppose to earn.

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Because it is.

Let’s take the in game store as an example, why do customisation items available disappear after a week?

To make customers worried they won’t have the opportunity to get them again thus trying to manipulate them into buying them.

It’s a digital item, it’s not like they can only produce or stock a certain number or that it will depreciate, they deliberately create a scarcity to motivate people to buy.

That is manipulative. If you don’t believe me go onto YouTube and search for “let’s go whaling” you’ll find a video from the industry talking about ways of manipulating customers to extract as much money as possible from them.

Is 343’s implementation of microtransactions the worst in the industry? No, but that doesn’t meant it doesn’t suck, shouldn’t they strive to be the best rather than technically not the worst? How low a bar are we (and 343) setting? This is Halo, it should be the bar and if you’re willing to accept less well that’s your choice but don’t call out those of us that want it to be better.


Can’t even select the mode I want to play lol.

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