What happened to playing a game to have fun?

Why all the drama over cosmetics? The game is free, fun, and gonna be full of content in due time. Buy the armor you want and use it. If you don’t wanna grind or pay, don’t. Sit back, relax, and have fun. I’m using armor I got from a pack of Oreos and having a blast :man_shrugging:


Customization has been important in Halo for player expression, stripping it away and shoving a large amount of the customization items such as colours into the store for an unreasonable price is not really compelling

The game is fun but the systems in place that surround that experience such as progression dampen the experience compared to what Halo players have enjoyed for over a decade

It’s not just “drama”, there are more layers to this issue.


playing games to have fun? What is this? 2001? :joy_cat:

People are surprised that a F2P game has microtransactions essentially, they expected an act of charity or something idk.


And you can do that. What’s the difference of paying $20 for your armor skin or a map pack? As long as modes and maps stay free, I see no problem.


Yeah, they say that to diminish any complain, like “entitled” etc etc.
We’ve got worse value for money than previous game, that only is a good reason alone.
We shouldn’t have to pay 100% more to have less customization than before.

Games can be fun and have nice progression and content.
Games can be F2P and be more customer friendly than that.


But we are not paying for maps like before. In reality, how many skins do you need?

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Also, what is more consumer friendly? I see no difference from what Halo is doing compared to anything else besides the benefit of the battle pass not expiring.

Customization is part of the fun, and it’s not only about the Microtransactions being overpriced. If everything that’s been in the store/event/battlepass were free this game would still have incredibly limited customization options, for a Halo game.

  1. 343i have already said they are going to have a progression system later on

  2. Its often that games come out, charge absurd prices for items, then they are longterm reduced and the mood calms down.

A lot of people played Halo’s multiplayer because of it’s outstanding customization.

Do you know how many people begged 343 to reconsider it’s armor coatings? How many begged for an armor system similar to Reach?

You’re looking at this the wrong way.


The reason a lot of people can’t just play to have fun is down to the fact that 343 have built the entire multiplayer progression system around extracting as much money as possible from customers.

If players aren’t having fun playing the game, that is not their fault, it is the fault of the people that made the game.


almost every popular multiplayer game is free and they all do progression way better than infinite does.


Those free games don’t have the extensive amount of maps and modes Halo does

  1. 343i have already said they are going to have a progression system later on
  2. Its often that games come out, charge absurd prices for items, then they are longterm reduced and the mood calms down.

So what you are saying is that we should all be happy now because there is a hypothetical future where things will be better?


But in comparison to other f2p prerelease games I would say the options are a good amount

We don’t “need” customization like we don’t “need” to play the game, it doesn’t mean it have to be this bad.

Customer friendly is giving people good value for what they pay, noting complicated.

The difference is that the battlepass leveling is $hittier than other games who have battlepasses.
Infinite’s BP have $hittier “rewards” for free tiers, challenge swap everywhere, it shouldn’t even be called a “reward”
They should be miles better but beside the non expiring BP, they are worse.

Those complaints where given month before, since the flights, many of players gave their opinion since the game was announced. They chose to not care about this, they didn’t have to prioritize shop before game, but they did, none of these problems would’ve happen if they did it right from the beginning, they wouldn’t have to fix any of this if it was made right. The progression system should’ve been worked long before the “release” of the game.

They should’ve priced the item right from the beginning too.


The game is super fun until you play 10 games have hit every map and have literally nothing to show for it. Hell why even try to win a match I get the same amount of xp and it’s not like there is any free commendations to progress the medals I’m earning. The friends I got to install it are already bored and are back on Apex. If you don’t understand that concept I envy you, ignorance is bliss.


But the game isn’t fun let’s be honest


Because ‘free’ doesn’t magically mean good. Paying £1000+ to unlock all content is insulting. Just because a few people don’t care does not mean that others should just tolerate playing the same few maps over and over for the sake of unlocks that make the player feel like there doing a 2nd job then to realise that content is blocked. Many of us would rather pay for a full game then a F2P that’s soul goal is predatory. :disappointed:

To be blunt the whole “but it’s only cosmetics!” excuse that I keep hearing is just irritating and you can’t expect people to enjoy a game that doesn’t care about the player and there is nothing relaxing about being told to spend insane amount of time to rush through unlocks for barely anything and this system puts me off playing. :-1:


The part that cracks me up about it is the insinuation that we NEED to buy into anything here. That in Reach (which was the ONLY Halo game that offered a comprehensive customization suite regardless of what anyone keeps saying about the franchise) we could “earn” everything in game, ignoring that outside of completionists no one WANTED everything. They wanted their one desired armor build, and that was it. “Oh but customization was always a part of Halo!” Who ever threw themselves into the grind for a specific cosmetic in Halo, only to STOP PLAYING when they finally got it? I’d wager no one, because the cosmetic isn’t the goal but a perk.

In Infinite, depending on tastes you could literally find your “one” build, buy it for $20, and move on with just playing the game. A full AAA MP title, with your preferred cosmetic for only $20. You never hear that side of it because most of the complaints are either “there isn’t enough free stuff in my free game”, “this isn’t Halo” or any number of false statements about how other FTP aren’t this bad.

There is exactly one area where Infinite is behind compared to other games: its pass progression. Ignoring that the game hasn’t even made its retail release yet, iys already something they’ve acknowledged will need continued tweaking and tuning over time and that they intend to do so as the game progresses.