what happened to oddball?

did 343 forget?

Custom games only. LOL I know.

It sort of “ball dropped” off the map.

Don’t know and it pisses me off.

Lolmlg happened

Maybe it is a weekend playlist

Oddball was my favourite playlist on Halo

That, and Race, Infection, Juggernaut and King of the Hill. Those gametypes were what made plenty of custom maps more fun to play on and a good reason for people to want to keep playing them repeatedly.

Once again, 343, Dropped the ball.

Same place King of The Hill went probably

In a longstanding poll which has been going since February, 99% of people have shown interest in Oddball showing up in matchmaking. I would have taken it over Assault for Team Arena personally, but I doubt it’ll hit Team Arena now. Why couldn’t it have been the weekly social from yesterday 'til next Friday instead of having it fail to actually rotate, leaving us stuck with social slayer again?! I’m not saying I’m against social slayer (I’d keep it permanently) but the whole point in having this new playlist was for it to rotate each week -_-

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> Lolmlg happened

Are you trying to say that the focus on competitive multiplayer took away from gametypes like oddball? But oddball is a competitive gametype if anything that’d give 343 a reason to add it.

Don’t know what happened to it but it’s definitely not in matchmaking maybe they will add it later, I actually enjoyed oddball in H4 which is weird seeing as how I pretty much despised the existence of H4.

It just bothers me that 343 openly stated that custom games will make it extremely easy to make ball gametypes like Oddball return to Halo 5 and yet it’s nowhere to be seen in matchmaking. Yes, it is easy to make Oddball, the community has already done so for custom games and it took no time at all like 343 advertised—sooo can’t the game devs themselves work their own UI and make the Oddball gametypes in less than 5 minutes and slap the thing in Arena? I know people always negate arguments like this by saying “you’re not a developer, it’s not as easy as it seems,” but in this case I would beg to differ—it seems to be not very difficult AT ALL, especially for the guys that (albeit barely) managed to code 4 Halo games into one universal collection.

When are people going to realize, 343i have hidden even the most basic of content behind proposed future free updates that actually keep people buying Req packs but still make them feel like they’re getting value for money…You’re all being jipped…343i & Microsoft are making millions per month on idiots buying req packs, but not a penny of it is from me, & never will be :wink:

Halo CE had it…let that sink in.