What happened to not forcing players "to play a way they hate"? These challenges are terrible!

Get 10 vehicle splatter kills? Really 343? How is this a good challenge? You really want a bunch of people in BTB running around on vehicles, not using their weapons, ignoring whatever the objective is, just praying for splatter kills? Who benefits from this? I suppose if it was get 1 splatter kill then maybe that wouldn’t be a big deal but 10? Really?

What about all the challenges that force us to play game modes we don’t like? What about all the challenges forcing us to use weapons that are terrible and we don’t like? How about challenges that just encourage players to camp power weapons worse than ever before?

To quote 343’s own blog post: “We maintain a player-first focus. Think of all the games we’ve all played that have random rewards, ask people to play a way they hate just for a new shiny, or weaponize FOMO against the player. There will be limited-time events, but we don’t want to turn free time into a chore. We’re not all about that. Everyone should enjoy their time in Halo Infinite .”

Nope. I’m not playing ranked because almost all my challenges force me into BTB over and over again. Oh, and I can’t even do slayer ranked right now, I’m forced to play objective based games. Sigh.

Also, no, the challenge swaps are not an suitable excuse for these ridiculous challenges. They shouldn’t even be rewards. They shouldn’t even exist. If anything, the fact that the challenge swaps exist in the first place shows that 343 already had some idea that these challenges were a bad idea to begin with. If the challenges are supposed to be fun and enjoyable then why is it a reward to skip them? Think about it.

No. Instead, the challenges should be simple, straightforward, and not a gate to weekly FOMO reward. Players should get experience the same way they get points in matches. It’s that simple. Exp for kills, assists, playing objectives, winning games, etc. On top of that, all rewards should be available just by playing, not by completing irritating, fun-killing “challenges”. Right now this whole system flies in the face of the assurances 343 has made to players and it’s extremely disappointing to say the least.


Well I burned one of the swaps and now instead of splatters I have to get kills with the chopper :roll_eyes:. This absolutely sucks. I hate everything about this challenge system.

343 tried their best. We know.

Some Microsoft executive boardroom slug slithered over to the development team, hunched over and pestilently said “The other guys are doing FOMO and you will too”. Im also TIRED of it, but that’s business, baby.

I think they should go back to what they have already done with MCC challenges where every challenge is always active, including seasonal ones and there are a ton of weekly challenges for both PvP and eventually when it comes out, Campaign

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