What happened to my challenges

Was playing with my son and got 2 challenges in a round of firefight. Lost connection to xbox live during round. When reconnected all kills in all challenges back to 0. What is going in?

All I can say is that your xbox live disconnect was the source of the problem. I have never had an issue of challenges reseting/not working.

If you are having disconnect problems, id wire up the xbox instaed of wireless (if you are wireless). If you have more problems, i would tell bungie/343, or whoever owns this game right now.

If your challenges are resetting, then I would alert bungie, if anything. Resetting challenges can get you banned. Not saying the reset is intentional, but the system won’t know nor care about that. If this continues to happen, I would also contact your service provider and find out if there is an issue in your area with connections dropping.