What happened to King of the Hill in Halo 4?

I’ve been waiting for weeks for 343i to bring it back. Why was it even removed in the first place? My wife loves playing this gametype! Please bring back KOTH!

KOTH was replaced by Crimson Map Pack. If you own that DLC, you can play KOTH in there. :wink:

King of the Hill was my favorite objective gametype, though I don’t like the minor hill changes they made in halo 4. I hope they bring it back in a playlist with CTF and Oddball so that there are more people in the same playlist for objective games. This could also free up spots for other playlists that have been rotated in and out so far. I like the option of choosing my gametype before searching, but I am willing to sacrifice choosing between oddball, koth, and ctf before searching to benefit the overall matchmaking experience.

I’m trying to complete all the matchmaking commedations and it would make this task a lot easier if they would bring KoTH back. Beyond just the commendations for the game type itself. It would also make the pulse nade commedations way less of a hassle. It’s almost unbearable playing the crimson playlist just for the off chance you’ll get a hill match, so you can complete the damn hill commedations.

KOTH was replaced by Crimson.

343’s playlist philosophy happened.

Had more population than oddball and a couple of other playlists. Not sure why it was removed.

Why we can’t just have more playlists than 343’s arbitrary fixed number of them to actually support all the gametypes the game has is beyond me. KOTH/Snipers/Doubles/Multi-Team/Extraction/Grifball should all be constant playlists. Rotational ones should only be new unproven ideas or quirkier niche things like Rocket Race or Action Sack type stuff.

Pulse work pretty well in Oddball and Regicide, but I agree overall that I want the non-Slayer stuff pulled out of the DLC list. I hate going there looking for KotH, just to end up back at slayer - I could have done that from the Slayer map.