What happened to James Cutter?!

Holy cow! What happened to James Gregory Cutter?! He’s completely changed! He was my favorite character in the original Halo Wars. He’s been entirely re-modeled. He now looks younger, way younger. They also re-cast his voice actor! Noooooooo! I hate when that happens! It’s so jarring. Obviously this isn’t a huge deal but I’m kind of bummed. What are your thoughts?

I’m not a fan of it either. He is not nearly as bad -Yoink- looking or sounding as he previously was. Game is still 8 months out though. Could change. Hopefully.

Made a side by side comparison for anyone who is out of the loop.

Apparently beards make you younger. I should grow a beard.

Noticed this too. Maybe the Ark has something to do with it?

Yeah, I doubt it too…

It’s just 343’s (I think) art team screwing things up. again. Some of the new designs in 343’s Halo are friggin great. But then things like that happen and it just is so… wtf?

I’m guessing the new Cutter look might be added into the definite Halo wars edition with revamp updated look for the others.

blur studio did the cinematic work, so we don’t know if the same people that did the original are working on the new one?

side joke

cryogenic storage does weird stuff to those who stay too long in there, like how the composer can rip apart living being that transform them into something else…lol