What happened to halo?

Halo use to be a great universe with humanity on the brink of destruction moral was at a low as planets were annihilated it was dark hearing marines scared wanting to kill themselves to get away from their fear
The armor in halo always use to look like proper armor especially reachs armor it looked like something a spartan would wear it had ammo bags a knife and really thick armor now all there is, is smally skinny armor. It really is sad that of all the armor in the game the only armor people want is the armor from previous games
The story and cannon the story is so general and cliché hapo use to be a game that lead by example the game other games would copy but it seems it is the opposite now now the cannon is so bad spartans running around with pizza guns is cannon spartans wearing fotus are for coffee runs? This is just bad and lazy
Gameplay is good but its so generic halo jad its own style of gameplay but now its like cod and titanfall with somewhat of a twist
Abandonment halo completely abandoned everything from halo 4 except the crappy armor why the killed didact off screen ruined halo 4’s ending and completely ruined the story even if it was lackluster
I also hate how humity advanced in tech so fast from 3 to 4 it use to be grungy war torn equipment practical but now its flashy holograms and very bright i miss the old style like prototype from halo legends i loved how wartorn the marines were how they had been to hell and back but now they are red and blue getting killed and throwing grenades in warzone matches
I dont think halo will ever be great again its being milked theres tonnes of franchise sickness and the games are completely trashing there original fans