What happened to Halo? (Online Server Errors)

Before everyone starts getting mad, let me say that I LOVE the Halo series with a passion. I have been a die-hard fan for almost a decade. What I am about to say is only related to the Halo 5: Guardians Online experience. The solo campaign was interesting with plot twists and new concepts. New Spartan abilities were introduced, which I’m still “iffy” about, only because they have taken a little of the previously required skill away from the game play. Only comment I have about the campaign is that it was too short… Remember the old days when the Halo campaigns took more than a few sit-downs? Haha.
However, there are more problems and bugs in this game’s online servers than an “ant farm”. I slowed down playing Halo after the 2nd Sequel… (Halo 3) I’m not alone though. Many other gamers are experiencing issues that make the game unplayable. The Halo Franchise is starting to lose its shine and glamorous way of presenting gamers with hours of satisfying game play…
YEAH YEAH YEAH… it was made by Microsoft. However… Ever since Bungie hung up the towel, the Halo series has rapidly been outdone by other titles such as the Call of Duty series and GTA games… You don’t have to agree… It’s just fact. Before you try to untwist your -Yoink!-, do some research… HOLD ON before you cuss me out or talk crap about my comments… Ill get to the point…
Just because you may have never had issues with Halo 5 online doesn’t mean its a good game, or even a decently developed one… Graphics are only 60% of a game in my opinion… I will be 100% honest, there are elements of the game that are very enjoyable and even captivating, but to gauge the real success of a game, you must look at ALL pros and cons. The way it was put together in my opinion was “VERY RUSHED” and perhaps not tested enough before the release. Isn’t that what Beta’s are for?? To gauge the feedback of the gaming community to make adjustments before the final copy right? The online Beta was out in 2014 right?? Ok.
Even if you personally have never lagged out of a game, its still unsuccessful because a large group of players aren’t even able to enjoy their hard earned money after YEARS of waiting for 343 to develop a disappointment… Games are made for the entire “Community”, not just a small group who is simply “lucky” not to see what they really own, which is simply a poor developed game… I will have to take some time before I buy another 343 Studios produced game; but don’t agree with me, do your own research… Every time I get online now I have difficulties connecting, or accessing REQ’s…
If I manage to make it past 343’s “FUN FIREWALL” I experience a game so laggy that I might as well sit in a corner in the back of the East Armory… And no, its not my internet connection. And I do not own TWC (Time Warner). I have Verizon FIOS, which allows me to stream flawlessly with any other game or applications. My download speeds are ridiculously fast. ALL IM SAYING IS 343… you should be ashamed of yourself for degrading potentially one of the most legendary titles ever created…
My comments are not intended to “troll” or “discredit” the Halo franchise because I truly am a fan. I just would love to see some improvements on the next update. When you love something and care for it, you want to see it get fixed. That’s all I’m saying. Thank you all for taking the time to read my post. My goal is to make a small ripple in order for 343 to give the community what we expect…
Once again, Thank you all for reading. Please don’t be offended… I write computer software for a living, so my experience and knowledge when it comes to product quality creates somewhat of a biased opinion. Remain hopeful for the new update to fix these issues, but until then… FIGHT ON SPARTANS…

I definitely see where you’re coming from. This is in no way a finished game (then again not many games are these days)(<-- this is also not an excuse) however, and I’m sure others will crucify me for saying this, I am genuinely enjoying Halo 5. Maybe I just got lucky and the stars aligned when I bought the game or something but I have not had a single complaint about this game so far aside from a few spots of lag that have been so infrequent I could care less. Now, again I may as well be a lone wanderer on these forums where everyone is determined to just dump on 343 and Halo 5 so I’m sure once this thread gets going I will be burned alive. But here is my main view of the game.

The campaign was different than what we’re used to with set spartan teams and switching back and forth. This was good for story telling and setting up for a sequel to this game. However, I’m sure a lot of us were left a bit disappointed when we only got to play 2 missions as Blue Team. (I know I certainly was) As far as following what’s going on, I found it fairly straight forward and the ending left me a little upset but eagerly wanting more so I can find out where they plan to take this story. It was absolutely on the short end of the spectrum, seeing as it only took me 2 or 3 sessions to finish it on legendary (I will say it felt harder than usual but maybe I was just rusty when I started the campaign) and in the end it left us with a lot of unanswered questions. So if I had to score campaign, I might give it a 5 or 6 out of 10. A lot of stuff was changed for this one and while it wasn’t a bad campaign, it could’ve used some more love and care.

Now multiplayer is a different story altogether. Multiplayer is a delicate balance. One that Halo games have managed to keep since it’s original release (with the few weapon or vehicle exceptions each game) Now this iteration of Halo seems to keep that same formula for balance with the new mechanics added (although some say otherwise cough Spartan Charge cough) Personally, I have yet to feel any sort of unbalance in all of my games. I’ve had my really terrible games as well as my insanely good games and everything in between. I’ve always felt as though my shortcomings in multiplayer were my own fault and not the game or the servers fault. Now I will say the ranking system gets a little confusing. And I have encountered the dreaded “NO REQ” Warzone glitch once or twice. However these instances were so few and far between that I simply played the round as best as I could handle it and then usually next game it was fixed. Now again, multiplayer could use some more loving when it comes to patches and fixes and just updates in general but it seems like 343 is listening to the community and trying to push things more in the direction we want.

In the end, Halo is not a perfect game. None of them have been and none of them will be. But, personally, I’ve had just as much fun with this halo as all of the other ones.

Hey I just want to sincerely thank you for a productive post reply!! I am very happy that you did not encounter what I have. I feel that the new updates will be beneficial. I enjoy intelligent responses. I still LOVE Halo, please dont get me wrong. I just want to see something I love improve. Thank you for you response Dillyhue. And no… Noone is going to burn you or assassinate your opinions here… Take care and have a great New Years… Maybe when they fix this glitch we can wreck some people in Warzone together… haha Later…

Someone is downloading -Yoink- in the 343 offices again God damit!

I heard that there has been a patch put out for the Halo 5 server issue. Has anyone who has been experiencing issues found this to be true?

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I’m European, I am from Spain. Like many of you, I am angry about not being able to play and select servers in Europe. I’m sick of playing games with players USA, they are immortal. I encourage everyone in my situation to start a campaign both Halowaypoint, and Twitter. 343i and Microsoft need to listen to us, they notice the pressure.
Write tweets letting your anger. I wrote several tweets where I said “I’m European. I cant choose server in Europe. I have friends Who Do not playHalo 5 for esta reason”
Twitter of people who tell him:
Phil Spencer: https://twitter.com/XboxP3
Larry Hryb: https://twitter.com/majornelson
Xbox: https://twitter.com/Xbox
Josh Holmes: https://twitter.com/JoshingtonState
Frank O’Connor: https://twitter.com/franklez
Quinn DelHoyo: https://twitter.com/quinndelhoyo
Bonnie Ross: https://twitter.com/PlutonForEver
Kevin Franklin: https://twitter.com/kevin_franklin
Campaign for server selector. European servers needed !!!
The game is great. But there are games, which is very frustrating. Sometimes I kill 18 in a game and other games my opponents are immortal and they kill me very easily.
Can you please keep us updated 343i? Why haven’t we got any further news?
Solution now !!! We write all our complaints again and again in this post.
Speaking of the situation in the forums of consoles, to join our cause.
Writing emails and tweets, all videogames websites, to talk about the situation of Europeans in Halo 5.
Let’s all work together.
I’m tweeting all video games website I know.
Let’s all try to listen to us
VERY IMPORTANT VOTING IN THE OFFICIAL REQUEST XBOX FEEDBACK. VOTE PLEASE EVERYONE https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/251647-gaming-achievements/suggestions/11153313-data-centre-selection-in-halo-5-guardians