What happened to good old custom games ?

I know there are a few community’s out there that help provide good custom games , but what I mean is , thinking back to Halo 3 , where if you got a invite to a custom game ( usually infection ) you would be lucky to get a spot in the lobby.

Now the problem isn’t getting good maps and keeping the game’s going ( Darth Human has some amazing maps js ) , it’s getting the game itself.I’d like things to go back to the good day’s on Halo 3 , where I could play the game for fun , make friends and have alot of laughs.

I don’t know about you guys , but one of the only reason’s I’m put off Reach is because the lack of fun I have on it.I’d just like to start up custom games again :P.

Thoughts ?

you must not have the right people on your friends list. ever heard of roosterteeth? they do some awesome videos for maps and games in reach

I miss the customs back in H3, but I have a group of friends that is always playing customs. You just got to find a group of friends that’s all. =/

Basically what the above posters said. You need the right friends on your list.

Maybe make a thread asking people to leave their gamertags so you can invite them
to custom games? :slight_smile:

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I totaly agree with you. I also remember the days of having to pick which persons custom game i was going to spend my next 1-5 hours in. I have been a playing halo since the very first day some 10 years ago and the memory i hold most is all those hours i spent having fun in customs and meeting new people.

I agree. I would love going back to the Halo 3 days and do Custom Games. Halo 3 in the end was my favorite game just because of that (although Halo 2 did have a great campaign :D).

I only play Reach because it’s what all my friends play… however one of my friends and I have been going back and playing old games, if we met some other people we could probably get some Halo 3 Custom lobbies going. :smiley:

Halo 3 custom games were the best.
No doubt about it.

Everyone went to CoD or BF3. All the kids that bulked up Custom Games that we used to slaughter are now playing CoD b/c it’s “realistic”. These are dark, dark times.