What Happened To DLC?

It seems no DLC apart from Anniversary is playable online in any game mode? Why ?

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343 removed the DLC playlist just to be mean to everyone.

Seems that way

So they release some new maps, and take away the only place to be able to play it in.
All I can say is, I am glad I didn’t buy the DLC.

First Halo 4, now… Reach?

I bought both the Noble/Defiant map packs and now I can’t even play them.

I can’t get the rest of my achievements either.

It is a shame because the dlc maps were some of the best things Reach had gong for it …

I can’t believe this is true but in halo Reach BTB playlist I never once got to play a DLC map in it … it’s just shocking to be honest because each month I get on HALO 3 BTB and what do you know longshore shows up. Hell even in social slayer … a playlist in halo 3 that does not require DLC maps to play I have been fortunate to see DLC maps show up!

It’s mainly just irritating such good maps in Reach went to utter waste after the dlc reach playlist (which I played every time I played reach) was removed. The best thing I can do to ‘play’ those dlc maps is go to my youtube and watch my own gameplay of the dlc maps lol.


Hmmm… First Reach and now Halo 4.
Amazing all other Halos are left alone.

343 bamboozled those who paid for the maps because of “low population” which is funny considering that the btb anniversary playlist was removed, and it had the second highest population in the anniversary category.

After DLC playlists got removed I have only ever seen a dlc map in BTB once, it was Headlong and I was the only one who voted for it. Hemorrhage got most votes of course, who gets tired of that map 4 out of 5 games? -.-