What happened to Custom Games

I couldn’t help but notice but after a few days of Halo 4’s release that I never once played a custom game. Not once. I used to play them all the time back in Halo 3 and Reach. And by Custom Games I mean things like Cops and Robbers, Duck Hunt, Fat Kid. All those gimmicky games that were essential to the longevity of the game. Now there is no point in race tracks as there is no objective. Flood is an entertaining but limitedly customizable version of Infection. Custom games are dying out. I am left here wondering if 343 even gave thought to what happens after the campaign is beaten on Legendary solo and the Spartan Ops are completed, and after someone gets bored of playing War Games all the time. Usually it is a trip to custom games to play stupidly creative but fun gametypes. But now it seems too dumbed down to even do that. Halo multiplayer has been more than just run and gun shooters. That’s why there were playlists like Action Sack. Where you could play games like Sumo Wresting and Haloball. Is this really the end of Custom Games?

I Don’t have Halo 4 yet so I don’t know about no custom games, but a lot of custom games didn’t happen till after halo 3 or halo Reach was out for a while and people had time to make them. I am sure there will be more custom games as people want to take a brake from the normal play-list and try other thing.

Why did they take out action sack in Reach? I never got to play all the awesome gametypes they had on there.

Op I agree. My friends and I were trying to play some Race but couldn’t find it. My first thought is “why?”